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Conformance to European law


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In many discussions here I've read about various problems of WHMCS with European law, in particular in the areas of VAT, invoicing and credit. But I haven't learned how much are these conformance problems substantial - whether they disqualify WHMCS for usage in the European area. Having tens of thousands customers, we cannot afford to calculate incorrect VAT, generate invalid invoice documents nor fix them by hand.


I'd like to know:

1. whether WHMCS has any problems with adaptation on the European legislative rules (in particular to the Czech (and EU) financial law)

2. if yes, whether the API is sufficient to get around the problems (completely)

3. if the API is insufficient, whether it is possible to let the API get extend by WHMCS authors (as a payed service) to cover our needs (or another solution of similar sort)


Do you have any other suggestions that may affect our decission whether WHMCS yes or no?


Thank you,


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Thank you for the link, but the information therein is too general. I’ll be more precise. I found at least the following threads discussing the problems I mentioned:


Invoice for credit is without tax, but should not be:



Moreover, we need the amount taken from the credit to be mentioned on the final invoice as "advance payment substraction".


Distinguishing between private persons and companies, and between local, EU and non-EU companies when deciding whether to include VAT or not:




Some information about customers is missing on invoices:



(Scroll down in the threads, the problems I’m mentioning do not necessarily correspond to the original topic, they are discussed further in the threads.)



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The worse. But my question was, whether these problems are substantial, or whether the WHMCS API is sufficient to get around them (somehow, but completely). How do you - Europeans - use WHMCS, if it has such flaws? You do not use it for invoicing???

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How do you - Europeans - use WHMCS, if it has such flaws? You do not use it for invoicing???

I use WHMCS invoices only as proforma invoices. On a daily basis we export all WHMCS invoices to our invoicing system and process them there... This method solved all invoicing problems as we still use WHMCS for basic invoicing, but for the accounting stuff, we use our own solution.

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