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how to get email adress validation/confirmation before acount creation ?


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For many website, after customer submit to account registration.


Next he receive an email with a link for he confirm his address .


I don't see this in WHMCS, the welcome email is directly send without requesting that.


Any idea how to get this email check ?

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i was in contact with m00 a few months back and he kindly forwarded me a version of this. It was working with a few errors BUT due to his ongoing commitments he never got back to me. Eagerly await the release of this or perhaps if he could get back in touch to rectify issues? Could i be a possible beta tester as i have already been given the script?? :roll:




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This feature doesn't exist in WHMCS. We have written a custom script for this. I'm planning to release it in a week or two on the forums.


Hi m00,


Are you back? never completed the bug fixes in this..its something good that is needed..if you dont mind can i post it so one of the users can see if they can sort out?if thats ok!


ii know that sgrayban is using this or something similar and would love to have the functionality...:?:

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