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Default DNS for domain registrations

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We currently have a server with Rackspace and have WHMCS setup on an account (Direct Admin not plesk, Cpanel etc) on that server. Importantly, this is not the only account on the server as there are many others on it.




1. A customer registers a domain name through the WHMCS system, with the default name servers set to dns1.silicondesigns.co.uk - the default for that server.

2. Lets assume the registration is successful and all is ok with payments etc. What we want is if somebody subsequently types in the newly domain name that has been registered into a browser, the default account that WHMCS sits on (and not the default dns1.silicondesigns.co.uk) will be displayed.


You see this all the time with domain names that have been registered by 123REG etc - look at http://www.joomla7.co.uk/ as an example ... but not the one in question though.


If we put the domain into a Browser to check the domains holding page we get a white page and we want to have a location or holding page for newly registered domains to point back to the holding account to generate further website traffic.


Here is an example, ‘whyjoomla.co.uk’ we have bought this domain through the system, and it’s registered the domain details through Nominet for us but just get a blank page when you visit the domain name.


Now that all this of this information is correct, if we put the domain into a browser for example whyjoomla.co.uk, we get a blank page.


Bottom line - For every domain that is purchased through our website we want to have a default landing page set as default on the server.


Would appreciate some help with this.


Many thanks.

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If we put the domain into a Browser to check the domains holding page we get a white page

Because there is no "hosting" account for the new domain on the DA server


You could setup your nameservers to respond with a specific IP for all NX domain records, and have your holding page on that IP ...

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