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DotNetPanel Addon Automation (Adding Only)


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* ActivateClientAddon DotNetPanel Edition
* This hook utilizes the DotNetPanel API and WHMCS hooks to provide an automated
* way to create addons (like dedicated IP addresses, extra bandwidth etc.) within
* DotNetPanel.
* @author Christopher York
* @name ActivateClientAddon
* @version 1.0.0

* DotNetPanel API username / password / Enterprise Server URL
* Since WHMCS does not directly provide this information we need to provide this.
* Enterprise server, remember to include the trailing slash (/).
define('DNP_API_USERNAME', 'serveradmin');
define('DNP_API_PASSWORD', 'password');
define('DNP_ES_URL', '');

* WHMCS => DNP Addon IDs
* Change this to match your WHMCS Addon => DNP Addon ID
$addon_ids = array(1 => 15, 2 => 16, 4 => 16, 5 => 17);


* Issues the remote API calls to DotNetPanel to handle the addon automation
* @param Array $params Parameters provided by WHMCS (id, userid, serviceid, addonid)
* @return Null
function activate_client_addon_purchase($params)
global $addon_ids;

// Insure we have a DNP Addon for the WHMCS request
if (!array_key_exists($params['addonid'], $addon_ids))

// Get the username associated with the addons parent WHMCS product
$result = select_query('tblhosting', 'username', array('userid' => $params['userid'], 'id' => $params['serviceid']));
$data = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$username = $data['username'];

// Get the DNP userid associated with the WHMCS product / username
$sClient = new SoapClient(DNP_ES_URL . 'esusers.asmx?WSDL', array('login' => DNP_API_USERNAME, 'password' => DNP_API_PASSWORD));
$result = (array)($sClient->GetUserByUsername(array('username' => $username))->GetUserByUsernameResult);
$userId = $result['UserId'];

// Get the DNP package id associated with the clients WHMCS product
$sClient = new SoapClient(DNP_ES_URL . 'espackages.asmx?WSDL', array('login' => DNP_API_USERNAME, 'password' => DNP_API_PASSWORD));
$result = (array)($sClient->GetMyPackages(array('userId' => $userId))->GetMyPackagesResult->PackageInfo);
$packId = $result['PackageId'];

// Assign the addon to the clients hostingspace
$sClient = new SoapClient(DNP_ES_URL . 'espackages.asmx?WSDL', array('login' => DNP_API_USERNAME, 'password' => DNP_API_PASSWORD));
$sClient->AddPackageAddonById(array('packageId' => $packId, 'addonPlanId' => $addon_ids[$params['addonid']], 'quantity' => 1));

* Register the add-on hook with WHMCS
add_hook('AddonActivation', 1, 'activate_client_addon_purchase');


create a file called activate_addon.php and place this into includes/hooks and setup the valudes about the NOTHING TO EDIT BELOW... text.


Once a users purchases an addon WHMCS will initiate the activate_client_addon_purchase method and call the DNP API to assign the addon to the users hostingspace. This DOES NOT automate removal as DNP does not have a hook for this, however it will automate adding of the addons.


I have tested this with WHMCS 4.2.1 & DNP 2.8.14.

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Not a problem, It has already been used on my end quite a few times and worked flawlessly. Only issue with it though however is for adding items like dedicated IP addresses, you still must allocate IP addresses within DNP.

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