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Not enough nameservers for ENom


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Our current DNS config requires that we setup 6 nameservers, ns10 through ns15. Enom lets us do that with 4 ns fields by default, and an Add Row button to add two more.

However the WHMCS interface has 4 fields max to enter such crucial infos, so we are compelled to open up a browser and go to our enom interface to setup a domain. More annoyingly, as our WHMCS admin interface only lists 4 nameservers for a domain that actually uses 6, I'm afraid it would lose the extra required 2 if we were to save the domain infos from WHMCS as it would only transmit to Enom the 4 it lists ?


Anybody else experiencing that, and any workaround ?


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I'm not surprised no one has replied... even though the relevant RFC recommends 3 to 7 nameservers, Matt determined years ago that no one needs more than 4, so this question usually gets a lot of replies explaining why you never need more than 4.


However, that line of reasoning is beside the point... if we have more than 4 nameservers, WHMCS should be flexible enough to accommodate us. Heck, even ClientExec allows you to add more than that -- and this isn't a recommendation for CE, it just shows one small area where it is more flexible than WHMCS.


FWIW, Matt, that is the one thing holding me back from buying a copy of WHMCS... I've been waiting for this feature for awhile now, so it would be at least worth one owned license sale to you if you want to spend the 15 minutes to boost the count from four to the RFC maximum. :)



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It's the only (albeit tiny) leverage I have. *I* think it's silly that there's an artificial limit on nameservers, imposed not by technology, time needed to implement or internet standards, but by an apparent whim of the developer.


If the source were available, I'd fix the code myself, but since it's encoded, I have to use the only leverage I have. I know Matt doesn't care if I buy a copy or not -- I'm not delusional. <g> I just check in from time to time to see if someone has succeeded in convincing him to remove that limitation.

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