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Where do I set due date for fisrt invoice


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Hi, I am currently sitting around waiting for my client to pay for their new hosting account by bank transfer. When I looked at the invoice, it says that they have 5 days to pay it (invoiced on 5th, due on 10th). Since most of my clients have been quick to pay, I've not noticed it before, but this one is one of those that leave it to the very last minute and then some.


I don't mind giving my clients 5 days grace for recurring payments before their account is suspended, but when it comes to new customers, I don't want to set up the new account until I have received payment. Therefore, I want the due date for this first invoice to be 'on receipt' not 5 days later.


I can't find anywhere where I can set the time they have to pay the invoice - where has this 5 days come from?!

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NO worries - I found it under general settings -> ordering: The number of days to allow for payment of an order before being overdue



EDIT: Actually, that still doesn't really do it for me. I want to make the due date 'on receipt' but allow 5 days grace for money to clear before they actually get an over due notice. Under my automation settings, I send the first overdue notice out after 1 day (after a 14 day warning that it is due, I don't see why they should get even longer!) - is this just for recurring invoices or for the new orders too?

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In the end I decided to edit the invoice and PDF invoice templates and all invoice emails to read: IMPORTANT: please make sure payment has cleared BEFORE the due date shown above or you may incur a default charge and/or you account may be suspended.


I think that should get the message across!

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Oh I have had to do the same thing about payments. Some users would take there time to pay so now I store all CC info and if the card is declined a $25 fee is added and in 5 days the service suspended - after 15 days the service is terminated. That gets there attention.


You should also put your terms in all invoice email templates.

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