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DNS Management on cPanel HOW?


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I have WHMCS installed o a cPanel v11 system. It all seems to work just dandy. :D


However, it appears the "DNS Management" feature doesn't work at all. I mean, the option is made available in the Client Area, but none of the existing DNS zone information for a given domain appears and any attempt to add new records is simply ignored. No error messages, warnings or otherwise are given.


I've searched these forums as best I can and haven't been able to find anything. I've read the official documentation as it seemed related. I can't find anything at all on the matter, apart from to learn that "DNS Record Management" does appear to be advertised as a standard feature and the implication therein that it should "just work". :/


i should note, just to be clear, that what I'm expecting (and wanting) is simply to allow my clients (who have the DNS Management feature) to edit the DNS zone as currently maintained by WHM. I'm not interested in interfacing with the domain registrar in this regard, though registration etc is working currently with two of them, no problem. Part of (or all of) my problem may be that neither the Simple or Advanced DNS Zone Editor features actually ever appear within my cPanel login, even though they are most definitely enabled in the feature manager. I'm researching this problem separately.


Can someone please tell me where i should be looking for information on this, or simply how to get it working?


(I'm well versed in PP/MySQL etc, but new to WHMCS, if that helps for the answer)


Thanks! :D

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OK. Understood.


Then, how, does anyone know, does one remove the 'DNS management' and 'Email forwarding' options from the order forms? I vaguely recall seeing an option for that somewhere in the configuration, but I can't find it now for the life of me.


Thanks :D

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Ha! Classic case of domestic blindness. I was looking for a single check box in settings somewhere. Turns out every domain suffix has it's own checkbox for each feature. (Which makes sense now I think about it of course.)



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