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  1. Very Thanks ! Very very good module !!! Thanks !
  2. Hello all, i 'have problem with my whmcs system. For 3 week , my automatic terminated accoount for pending cancellation in whmcs dosen't works. I try to launch manually this cronjob but invoices is genereted and send by mail, but no terminated account work. Do you have a idea ? Thanks in adavance and sorry for my english. My version is : 5.03
  3. Salut, Ouai ben j'ai fait comme toi. On comprend mieux l'anglais que le français dans un sens ^^
  4. Salut à tous, je suis en train de traduire l'administration en FR, elle sera disponible rapidement Nico.
  5. Hello all, I'have a little problem. When validate order, internet explorer or firefox request me for download orders.php or another file. So, i'm oblige to validate manually order and send email "creating hosting account". A idea ? Thanks, Nico.
  6. Hello everybody. I' have a little problem in my whmcs installation. When i would create a new invoice or invoice generate, the sequential invoice number format don't work. It's always #1, #31, #35 etc etc. Never MyHost-{Number} Thanks for your help. Nico.
  7. Hello, Thanks it's ok now. Great regards
  8. Hello everybody, I' have a problem with my whmcs trial version. I'm created a user account, generate a invoices but, all night i'm receive ~100 email "First Invoice Overdue Notice" All email it's identical. An example : Thanks for your reply. (Sorry for my bad english)
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