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  1. Thanks, I though there might be an assign check box or mechanism to assign quotes to a support person.
  2. Is there a way to put Quotes on a To Do List assigned to a support role or person? Other than a manual process. Owen
  3. Make sure the pipe.php file has the right permissions 755 - then all should work.
  4. An interesting idea, is it, would it be possible to make the Twitter Feed a Block in the Client Area when logged in? Or does it matter if it's a block or not?
  5. Isn't this {php} tag going away in WHMCS soon? Being able to enable {php} tags?
  6. No worries, it's something I came across when 6.2 was first released. I thought it might be the issue. Glad to hear your challenge was not seriously hard to fix : )
  7. Are you piping your emails? If so, you may have to change permissions in your Crons folder on pipe.php to 755. I have to change them each time there's an upgrade.
  8. Headway is not really a theme in the traditional sense, you will need to learn how to or use a plugin to integrate WHMCS with WordPress. I can tell you this, those plugins do not play nice with Headway, most things work, but critical stuff breaks. I have tried them all, I don't use any of them...I am using Headway to match how I customized WHMCS - so they actually run side-by-side rather than a true integration. It's the long way of doing it, if you are committed to using Headway Themes like I am. I customize WHMCS - and then I use Headway to make WordPress look the same. I have yet to launch it, but that's the road I have chosen to make it work. I'm certain I didn't say what you wanted to hear : )
  9. A new way of asking about integration maybe? : )
  10. I was getting the token error, it stopped after upgrading PHP to 5.5.30 - but I don't know why or how it solved the problem, just that the upgrade seems to have made it go away.
  11. That sounds like a cPanel problem, not a WHMCS problem - I would check with your server admin as well, where you have the reseller account. If you can't FTP in, that's all server related, not WHMCS. Could be a Firewall issue : )
  12. Yes, permissions is one change you will have to make on pipe.php in the crons folder. You may also have to change the path in the config.php file in the crons folder, I found the direct path ($whmcspath = '/path/to/whmcs/' had to be there, not just ../
  13. Two things to check, 1)permissions...I changed permissions to 755 on pipe.php in crons folder. 2) make sure the $whmcspath=(the absolue path) not (../) in config.php in the crons folder The second one tells the cron folder where your whmcs install is located. And a possible 3rd issue, check your forwarding emails have the full absolute path for each piped email address (/home/name/public_html/whmcs/crons/pipe.php) Hope that helps?
  14. Also, put your CCS code in the custom.css file - that way the original stays intact, you can always remove the code in the custom.css file and never have to worry about the original : ) Just experiment using this file, it's safer. Just drop your code in: section#main-menu { background-color: #5E1C70; } That should do it.
  15. I narrowed it down to two items, it was permissions - 644 made emails bounce and not import into WHMCS, changing it to 755 fixed the problem - the path in config.php in the Crons folder. The path was ../ but that failed, with permissions set to either 644 or 755. The path has to be absolute it appears, so upon upgrade, somehow config.php in the Crons folder has to know where WHMCS is installed, otherwise we'll be having these chats regularly : ) The permissions thing is puzzling, but at least there is a workaround. Anyway, I'll be paying closer attention upon the next upgrade : ) Thanks for all your help.
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