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  1. Hello Hans, Sorry for the delay. You did get a reply on September 7th. Caused by a backlog (that is now cleared) it did take some time for us to reply. This wasn't expected, but more questions from clients than expected during a holiday was the problem. If you have a question you should now have a reply within 2 working days (based on working days in the Netherlands). Regards, Mark
  2. And we have a new update. For some time the module support WHMCS 7 and PHP 7 (earlier versions probably also work).
  3. Below a number of options you can do with this DNSbe Module. Your orders are executed directly by the registrar, this is made possible by the built-in API. Registering and changing a domain name has never been easier with WHMCS. Control over the entire domain name... You can all do it easy with this WHMCS DNSbe Module. Functions WHMCS DNSbe Module Register domain Domain Transfer Domain cancel Domain renewal Provide EPP Code Managing DNSsec settings Managing DNS Settings (coupling with PowerDNS) Changing Name Servers Change contact information (holder / tech / admin) Automatically process incoming transfers Price will be calculated in Euro, a one time fee € 200,- https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2194 http://tools4isp.com/module-whmcs-dnsbe.html Questions please ask here or send us a mail.
  4. Below a number of options you can do with this SIDN Module. Your orders are executed directly by the registrar, this is made possible by the built-in API. Registering and changing a domain name has never been easier with WHMCS. Control over the entire domain name. You can all do it easy with this WHMCS SIDN Module. Functions WHMCS SIDN Module Register domain name Domain name transfer Domain name cancel Domain name renewal Provide EPP Code Reseller support Managing DNSsec settings Managing DNS Settings (coupling with PowerDNS) Changing Name Servers Automatic Name Server change after incoming transfer Change contact information (holder / tech / admin) Set contract period (1, 3 or 12 months) SIDN Order period info, domain name date info Price will be calculated in Euro, a one time fee € 200,- https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1290 http://tools4isp.com/module-whmcs-sidn.html Questions please ask here or send us a mail.
  5. I prefer to have the correct Twitter feed shown without clients having to do anything. At this moment I expect to replace a part of WHMCS to get it to work (or at least copy functionality to different files).
  6. Hello, I'm working on making it possible to show a Twitter feed based on the client. That way we can show different feeds for resellers and end-users. When someone isn't logged in I would probably show the end-user Twitter account. Changing the Twitter account for the URLs pointing to Twitter is easy. However with an AJAX (?) call it doesn't work. From WHMCS support I did hear I should be able to create some output on it when using the ClientAreaPage hookpoint. However this doesn't seem to work as the code below doesn't return any content (and that is what I would expect). <?php function whmcs_hook_test($vars){ var_dump($vars); } add_hook('ClientAreaPage',10,'whmcs_hook_test'); Any pointers as where to look? Or should I just create a new PHP file for it that gets the required information from Twitter and call that file using the Javascript?
  7. We now ask people to provide some logins in multiple locations and we would like to limit it to a single location and this would be the best/easiest option to use in my opinion. Is it possible to provide some information regarding how we can get the information from this table in a usable format within PHP? For example with [REGISTRAR]_AdminDomainsTabFields not all information from the database is returned. But also to use it in other modules that require the same information it would be usefull to be able to get it from this table (for example tbladdonmodules isn't encoded).
  8. Version 1.4 was released on oct 24th. Release notes: Feature: Cache license status for 1 hour to reduce connection for license checks Feature: Cache license status for 1 week to keep everything working with a (short) network/server issue Feature: Trial license available Feature: Improved documentation Feature: Now it is possible to enable/disable options from the WHMCS admin area to display options per brand/site Version 1.5 was released on nov 17th. Release notes: Feature: Added option to set a language per brand (only for clients that aren't logged in Bug: Fixed bug when people are logged out when they are trying to pay Bug: Fixed a bug so people can use a directory on a domain (eg https://www.example.com/secure/) for WHMCS Bug: Fixed when people did go to cart.php within WHMCS products from the first product category where available even when they shouldn't be available for that brand Bug: Logs where filling, changed a few things and should be fixed now Bug: When you use custom messages from within WHMCS they weren't send, this is now fixed and using custom mail templates is now supported Feature: Added support for wbteampro from within templates, if additional template files should be supported please contact us Additional feature requests are welcome!
  9. Difficult to find the right location for this post. Mods please move it if needed. How does WHMCS determine where someone is located? Based on new laws we need to decide the country the client is in based on at least 2 requirements that should not conflict with eachother. We can select them from (and decide per client what to follow) they are listed below: - Invoice address (check 9.5.2 on the link given below) - Bank details (not always possible) - IP address And possible: - Client phone number - Client mail address (if it has a relation with a fixed phone line, eg an ADSL provider) Changes do not apply when the client is in the country where we are located (the Netherlands for us) or when it is a company in the EU with a valid VAT number (and the number is provided to us). Full explanation is available on: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/resources/documents/taxation/vat/how_vat_works/telecom/explanatory_notes_2015_en.pdf (see and 9) As far as I know this is a change effecting many WHMCS customers in Europe. If you use the address given by the client you only have to check it when they change this. (Based on 9.5.1, point 2.) This means you only have to validate the country at that time and not every time an invoice is generated. Maybe the easiest option is to use the address combined with 9.5.1 point 6 (enforce to certify it with every address change/order).
  10. New release available, version 1.2 includes a few new features. New feature requests are welcome and when we think they are nice/good they will be included in the next release. New features: - Ticket queues per brand - PayPal account per brand - Default name servers per brand - Option to use different senders (name + mail address) for certain mail types (invoices, tickets and general/default) This module now requires a valid license and will refuse to work if there isn't a valid license for your installation. Feature request form: http://www.tools4isp.com/?p=featurerequest Bug report form: http://www.tools4isp.com/?p=bugreport The price is 200 euro excl. VAT for the first year, this didn't change. Updates and support for after a year is 50 euro/year. Explanation regarding the VAT rules is available on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union_value_added_tax and for clients outside the EU we work with 0%.
  11. That it was listed as free module was an error. We requested to change this as soon as we discovered it.
  12. I suggest changing it to PHP 5.4 as PHP 5.3 is EOL (announced on PHP.net).
  13. It is a paid product and we accept no liability if it is not used as intended. When it is used the way it should be used we provide support to get it working and we guarantee it works when PHP 5.4 and WHMCS 5.3.8 is used.
  14. Version 1.1 was released today (can be downloaded when the product is paid and activated). This includes an easy to use web interface. Attached is the manual for this version to get an idea regarding features/usage. whmcs_multisite_userguide.pdf
  15. It is a one-time fee of € 200,- excl. VAT. If you are located in the EU and don't have an valid VAT number outside the Netherlands you will also have to pay VAT (21%). The newest version (release planned within 2 weeks) includes a web interface for easy management, 2 separate WHMCS installations could easily be merged into one (depending on the local law it might be required that you currently have different invoice numbers before it can be merged). I don't know the module provided by ModulesGarden, but based on what I've seen on this forum about it it is newer. We are using it for 9 months now. We have options that they don't have as far as I see on their site (or at least it isn't clear for me if they have it). The only yearly fee is for updates after the first year (50 euro excl. VAT).
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