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  1. Solved.. Based on a recommendation I found in the forums for a similar issue that was actually a different error, I deleted and reuploaded the /vendor folder and now this is working.
  2. Hi guys, I was hoping someone else might have had this problem so I could get some help. No reply from support yet and it's kind of important that my clients be able to log in. I searched this community before posting but didn't find it. After upgrading to 7.6 my clienthome.php won't load. All the other pages for clients load except the one they land on when they log in. The error is.. [WHMCS Application] ERROR: Error: Class 'WHMCS\Announcement\Announcement' not found A little info you might need: Only to addons installed, Bulk Updater and IPUnblock - tried disabling and didn't make a difference Also tried reuploading the files in case that was the problem. Using Six theme uploaded with 7.6 core Tried multiple order forms - I never customized any of them. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  3. Will this help if I have the domain checker on a main page? I'd like for them to check their domain on my main pages, then continue on to pick a package.
  4. Why does the coding work in the admin emails, but not the client emails?
  5. That works for me in the WHMCS emails that are sent to me, but not the emails sent to clients. The ones sent to clients have no styling at all, almost as if there's a setting somewhere that says all emails to clients should be sent plain-text, though I can't find one. And each template has its own setting for that, but isn't checked. Any ideas?
  6. I'm actually thinking about not integrating kayako at all and having the WHMCS support desk give the link for kayako. I really need the downloads to not be from Kayako and this is the only option I think.
  7. Hi again, I'm having trouble finding the option to disable domain registrations without buying hosting. My customers are getting confused, thinking that they bought hosting with their domain. I don't want to offer domain registrations without hosting purchase.
  8. Okay, so maybe we can look at this another way. Can I make all of the 'support desk' pages in WHMCS tell customers to go to Kayako and provide a link? Because I want to control what packages you have to buy to be able to use the downloads. IE: You must purchase a hosting package to download free templates.
  9. That works for WHMCS, but if they visit the downloads page included with Kayako it's all free and open. Even if I take the link out, there's the possibility of people finding it on Google, etc.
  10. All the template file says is.. {$kayakodata} The actual downloads.php file (not the .tpl file) has coding, but the downloads.php for whmcs is encrypted, so I'm not sure where to go from here.
  11. Hi, I have Kayako set up to integrate with my WHMCS for the support desk, but it also takes over the WHMCS knowledgebase and downloads. How can I disable that so each script has its own? I would like to require that paid clients be logged in to download and Kayako cannot do that.
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