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  1. I did originally create a ticket with WHMCS, they suggested that I create a feature request, and when I did so, the feature request got denied from posting publicly
  2. Can we please steer away from complaining about the state of WHMCS and/or alternatives and focus on putting the attention on that it's an important feature for us to be able to issue/reset client passwords.
  3. While you can login as them still, to change the password in the client area in v8 it also requires the current password of the user, you have to fudge with the system to change the password now (such as changing the e-mail address of the user to a junk account, and using it to reset/change the password and then changing it back). I can certainly understand taking efforts to better secure customers passwords, but entirely removing the administrative ability to reset the password on behalf of the customer is completely aloof.
  4. Hi Guys, WHMCS v8 has removed any ability for admins to manage / reset client passwords outside of sending them a password reset e-mail. In the event that a customer cannot receive the reset e-mail password option we have no recourse aside from fudging manually with the system. I discussed this matter with your support department, and the person agreed that there should possibly maintain away for administrators to manage passwords and suggested that I create a feature request. I did so, and it got denied. Anyone else out there using WHMCS still want to be able to reset clients passwords (Imagine cPanel removed this ability? lol) ?
  5. I'm just wondering if it's possible to force a manual domain sync in newer WHMCS installations. I have a bunch of domains that show 'Pending Transfer' in WHMCS, even though the transfer is completed.
  6. I am looking to send some json data from an addon module, but it's being wrapped with output for the WHMCS admin console. How do I prevent that from happening ?
  7. feature request here : https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/make-login-email-case-insensitive , like it up for who wants to see this added.
  8. Hi Guys, I was really hoping this would have been fixed in the 6.x release but why on earth is the login e-mail address case sensitive ? Given that in general, they aren't, and it just causes hassles for technical support of people trying to login to their account as their mobile phone (or whatever) put a capital letter at the start.
  9. I was wondering how safe it is to remove the primary index.php and replace it with another application ? I mean obviously 3rd party modules could make use of passing things through the index, but outside of that ... is there anyting that the index.php serves instead of the home page ?
  10. I am attempting to do a quick check to see if a user account exists (domain hosting/cPanel) to create an additional DNS zone record. I'm using the following code but the recordset is returning empty. //CHECK IF MAIN DOMAIN IS HOSTED, IF SO CREATE THE DNS RECORD ON THE APPROPRIATE CLUSTER $domain = str_replace('http://', '', $params['customfields']['Source URL']); $domain = str_replace('https://', '', $domain); $domain = trim(str_replace('www.', '', $domain)); $fields = "tblservers.username, tblservers.password, tblservers.hostname"; $where = array( 'userid' => $params['clientsdetails']['userid'], 'domain' => $domain, ); $sort = "id"; $sortorder = "ASC"; $limits = "0,5"; $join = "tblservers ON tblservers.id=tblhosting.server"; $result = select_query('tblhosting',$fields,$where,$sort,$sortorder,$limits,$join); while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $cpuser = $data['username']; $cppass = $data['password']; $cphost = $data['hostname']; } $results = localAPI('decryptpassword',array('password2' => $cppass),'admin'); $cppass = $results['password'];
  11. I would question what you are doing in your header/footer as natively WHMCS should render quite quickly, I'm not on anything particularly special and my renders happen in about 200ms. I would also double check your templates_c folder to ensure that it has write permissions.
  12. If anyone has an answer regarding this it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm working to create a custom server deployment module, I'm not sure if I'm just missing something really obvious, but is it not possible to add hard coded options that the user has to fill during sign-up without using the 'custom fields' on product tab ?
  14. As a new start-up I opt to not auto-suspend services, letting accounts to 1-3 months in arrears before contacting a customer to make payment. I have found that the automated invoice generation system will not generate a new invoice for a customer until the overdue one has been paid. (ex. If a customer has 3 invoices to pay, he will login pay the invoice, I can then click 'Generate Due Invoices' and it will make 1 more invoice, rinse and repeat), If I click 'Generate Due Invoices' with an invoice due, no new invoice is generated, nor does the automated system generate them. This relates to hosting services / cPanel based.
  15. I am working at building a custom RESTful interface to cover various aspects of our service offerings. I was wondering if it was possible for me to somehow include the 'Internal API' functionality to avoid having to make CURL calls.
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