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  1. Brain!, Your code works. Thanks you for your help.
  2. Hello Bryan, Below is the code I've used for the menu. It is displayed while the client is logged in, but i want to hide it from the store page to take advantage of the full width pages. <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function (MenuItem $primarySidebar) { $client = Menu::context('client'); if (!is_null($client)) { $primarySidebar->addChild('quick-links', array( 'label' => 'Quick Links', 'uri' => '#', 'icon' => 'fas fa-bars', )); $quickLinksPanel = $primarySidebar->getChild('quick-links'); $quickLinksPanel->moveUp(); $quickLinksPanel->addChild('dashboard-link', array( 'uri' => '/clients/clientarea.php', 'label' => 'Dashboard', 'order' => 1, 'icon' => 'fas fa-tachometer', )); $quickLinksPanel->addChild('services-link', array( 'uri' => '/clients/clientarea.php?action=services', 'label' => 'Services', 'order' => 2, 'icon' => 'fas fa-cube', )); $quickLinksPanel->addChild('my-domains-link', array( 'uri' => '/clients/clientarea.php?action=domains', 'label' => 'Domains', 'order' => 3, 'icon' => 'fas fa-globe', )); $quickLinksPanel->addChild('billing-link', array( 'uri' => '/clients/clientarea.php?action=invoices', 'label' => 'Billing', 'order' => 4, 'icon' => 'fas fa-credit-card', )); $quickLinksPanel->addChild('email-history-link', array( 'uri' => '/clients/clientarea.php?action=emails', 'label' => 'Email History', 'order' => 5, 'icon' => 'fas fa-at', )); $quickLinksPanel->addChild('support-link', array( 'uri' => '/clients/supporttickets.php', 'label' => 'Support', 'order' => 6, 'icon' => 'fas fa-ticket-alt', )); } }); Thank you for your response
  3. Hello, Is it possible that someone can help me with a hook for hide a custom menu from the Store pages? Thank You
  4. Hello, Thank you for your repay. As far I know there is no api available for the .cv domain. The domain can only be register for companies registered in Cape Verde or trademarks. They also require an active host for the domain name in order to register the domain. The only way to check if the domain is available is to check it there a dns record available or not. To do this check I use this code on a form. <?php if(isset($_POST['check'])) { if (!empty($_POST['domain_name'])){ $name_domain = trim($_POST['domain_name']).$_POST['suffix']; $response = @dns_get_record($name_domain, DNS_ALL); if(empty($response)){ echo "<H2 style='color:green;' >Domain $name_domain is available.</H2>"; }else{ echo "<H2 style='color:red;'>Domain $name_domain has taken.</H2>"; } } else { echo "<H2 style='color:red;'>Error: Domain name can not be left empty.</H2>"; } } ?>
  5. Hello alex, Thank you for your replay. I just want to add .cv to whmcs, but unfortunately there is no whois server available for this cctld.
  6. Hello, It there a way to add a domain name to whmcs shopping cart without going through whmcs domainchecker. I'm want to use another domainchecker for tlds that whmcs do not support and by available result add it directly to whmcs cart by click a button. Thank you.
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