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  1. Nothing at all? Surely I'm not the only person in existence to encounter this error. I've got one hail mary in me, and it's going to be a pain to attempt. If that fails to fix the issue then I guess we'll just drop the money on Hostbill and have their team handle the import and correction. We've got a WHMCS Business 1,000 license and this is impacting way too many customers and being too much of an annoyance to not have anyone at WHMCS motivated to help us find the cause of this. I appreciate the help we've been given / common trouble shooting steps but this is costing me time and money to fix and no one seems interested in seeing that it's resolved.
  2. Okay, I've had about enough of this issue. I've already gone through everything with support. I've disabled plugins and hooks, reconfigured things, and yet the issue persists to a point where I'm not certain how to proceed. Support has offered some useful tips but are unable to diagnose or provide anything that has fixed it. DETAILS: Problem: Migrated our WHMCS portal to a much larger VM to accommodate growth and to give it more juice since the DB is massive and it likes to crawl or die every morning when the cron runs. Aside from that annoyance, the pricing showed properly and correctly and never without issue. After migration, we ran through the basic checks. Everything worked fine. No errors were present. Things were good. The server environment between the original and migrated install should be a 1:1 match. All dependencies were met and things went smoothly. After a few weeks, we started to notice that anywhere in WHMCS where pricing is shown (whether it be in the admin side or client side, public or private view) that sometimes the displayed pricing doesn't show correctly. For example, if an item is shown as 10.00, if you reload the page five or six times you may see that it is now all of a sudden 12.40, for example. Refresh, and boom, it's back to 10.00. A new customer looking at the product list? Goes to order? Boom, now (sometimes) the price is different than the page they were just on. Add a 10.00 item to the cart and now it's show 12.40 (or something). Go to check out, and it's changed back to 10.00. WHMCS support had this to say in a ticket regarding the matter: It was replicated on their end with our install. Sometimes the incorrect value gets passed to the payment gateway and that is what is invoiced or charged, as well, which is also a big problem as customers think you're trying to get a couple extra bucks out of them which is certain;y not the case, and I'm tired of explaining it's a software bug that is random. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips for fixing it? WHMCS has reviewed our configs, our phpinfo, etc and has only given suggestions on how to fix but nothing has worked. EDIT: Apache, MariaDB, php 7.4, WHMCS 8.1.X on a Debian 11 VM
  3. We've sold hundreds of domains now, but one issue I'm seeing is occasionally someone will try to register a domain that is 'available' but worth thousands of dollars so we do not process their order since it's a premium domain they're trying to obtain at standard pricing. Why is our WHMCS not marking these domains as such in the order process? See our settings in the screenshot attached. This is one of the major reasons why we do not do very large deposits into our domain accounts as we don't want some grifter taking advantage of this. Tonight, a customer placed an order for a domain that would typically be $12 through us but is $2,500+ at the registar. Obviously we canceled the order but this has happened several times and it's becoming annoying. I've tried many different variations of "Lookup Provider" and making sure the "Premium Domains" option was enabled in WHMCS and it just seems like this feature doesn't work, at all? Is there anything else I need to do to have this work properly?
  4. It would appear that WHMCS does not consider domain names as 'products', as the option to assign an addon specifically to any domain name purchase is not possible. Is there any reasonable work around? For example: When a customer orders a domain name, I want an addon to be available for them to select in case they'd like to have some very limited, free, hosting / email / dns management for their domain name. So, if selected, it'd create a DirectAdmin package like normal. The issue is, the setup of this feature doesn't allow you to select "Domain Names" from the "Applicable Products" tab on the addon setup. Available products do not show domain names. Any ideas on a sane way to go about this?
  5. I'm aware that you can set a 'free domain' for a hosting package, so that a domain is registered upon ordering said service plan, and although that is 'similar' to what I want, it's not the same. For this to be an option, you have to manually set a package for each specific TLD you want to qualify, and the checkout process will show pricing in a per month breakdown, even if the only available ordering option is annually, which is confusing to the end user. I want to know if there is an easy way that any domain TLD ordered through the normal domain ordering process will allow you to also automatically provision a specific web hosting plan for that order. Basically, I'm just trying to include some free basic hosting with the purchase of a domain name.
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