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  1. Hello! My clients are going from to the gateway (paypal) and from there to see the invoice but I need to take them from Paypal to complete.tpl. Any idea on how to do it? Best, Dave
  2. I'm having the same issue. Any idea how to get the user from paypal to complete.tpl?
  3. Hello, I have added to complete.tpl the following pixel: <iframe src="https://conv.eleadtracking.com/?offer_id=14861&amount=[COMMISSION_OR_SALE_VALUE]&adv_sub=[YOUR_ORDER_ID]" width="1" height="1"></iframe> The problem is that the agency is asking to send them through that pixel the Order ID and the SALE VALUE. This is how I add it on complete.tlp: {if $ispaid} <!-- Enter any HTML code which should be displayed when a user has completed checkout here --> {literal} <iframe src="https://conv.eleadtracking.com/?offer_id=14861&amount=[COMMISSION_OR_SALE_VALUE]&adv_sub=[YOUR_ORDER_ID]" width="1" height="1"></iframe> {/literal} <!-- Common uses of this include conversion and affiliate tracking scripts --> {/if} Can you help me to understand what I should do to send them the ORDER ID and the SALE VALUE to them, please? Best regard, D
  4. Hello! Thanks in advance for your help! Is there any way to make an automatic redirect from /cart.php?a=complete to another URL outside WHMCS? Thanks in advance D
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a dev to paste Google Tag Manager on my WHMCS in order to track conversions (sales). Thanks in advance D.
  6. Hi @greenorahosting I've been reading this and I'm having the same issue. I wanna start working with an affiliate network (similar to tradedoubler) but I do not understand how to: 1. Paste the Google Tag Manager 2. Paste the pixel to track the sales 3. Share with the the Order ID and the Sales Amount. I would really appreciate if you could give me a hint or help me. Thanks in advance D.
  7. Hi @brian! sorry for bother! I need to start tracking sales, that means to paste a pixel in /cart.php?a=complete . This hook that you have shared could work? Thanks in advance D.
  8. hi @The Stratega With this code can you track sales? Best, D
  9. Hi @Kian Thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea how can I paste a pixel in the payment confirmation? /cart.php?a=complete Best, D.
  10. Hi @xyzulu thanks for your reply. As I understand, GA does not help to track what I need. Google Tag Manager does. Why? I need to track the whole funnel (from my CMS to WHMCS and inside there up to the payment confirmation) Also, for example, I want to start working with affiliate networks and they need to paste their pixel in the payment confirmation... how can I do that? Best, D
  11. Hi I need to insert pixels from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more... I need to understand that I should use Google Tag Manager, but I dont know how to do it in WHMCS. I need to track sales / conversions. Thanks in advance Best D.
  12. Hi @Kian Thank you so much for your help! I did what you say and it works :) Have an amazing 2021! Best, Dave
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a dev that could help me making 1 change in the Affiliate module: I have the WHMCS installed on subdomain.domain.com and the links are going there. I need to make a change and get the links of the affiliate program going to domain.com If you can make this change, please let me know Thanks in advance Dave
  14. Hi @Kian thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I'm not a developer and I do not understand much about this... Do you know someone that could help me? (of course, paying) Thanks! Dave
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