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  1. Hi @greenorahosting I've been reading this and I'm having the same issue. I wanna start working with an affiliate network (similar to tradedoubler) but I do not understand how to: 1. Paste the Google Tag Manager 2. Paste the pixel to track the sales 3. Share with the the Order ID and the Sales Amount. I would really appreciate if you could give me a hint or help me. Thanks in advance D.
  2. Hi @brian! sorry for bother! I need to start tracking sales, that means to paste a pixel in /cart.php?a=complete . This hook that you have shared could work? Thanks in advance D.
  3. hi @The Stratega With this code can you track sales? Best, D
  4. Hi @Kian Thanks for your reply. Do you have any idea how can I paste a pixel in the payment confirmation? /cart.php?a=complete Best, D.
  5. Hi @xyzulu thanks for your reply. As I understand, GA does not help to track what I need. Google Tag Manager does. Why? I need to track the whole funnel (from my CMS to WHMCS and inside there up to the payment confirmation) Also, for example, I want to start working with affiliate networks and they need to paste their pixel in the payment confirmation... how can I do that? Best, D
  6. Hi I need to insert pixels from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more... I need to understand that I should use Google Tag Manager, but I dont know how to do it in WHMCS. I need to track sales / conversions. Thanks in advance Best D.
  7. Hi @Kian Thank you so much for your help! I did what you say and it works :) Have an amazing 2021! Best, Dave
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a dev that could help me making 1 change in the Affiliate module: I have the WHMCS installed on subdomain.domain.com and the links are going there. I need to make a change and get the links of the affiliate program going to domain.com If you can make this change, please let me know Thanks in advance Dave
  9. Hi @Kian thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I'm not a developer and I do not understand much about this... Do you know someone that could help me? (of course, paying) Thanks! Dave
  10. Hello, I have my WHMCS on subdomain.domain.com and I need to use the affiliate module and get the links refering the traffic to domain.com and I need someone to solve this issue. Best, Dave
  11. Hi! I have installed the WHMCS on a subdomain (example: subdomain.domain.com) and the affiliate link goes directly to that. How can I change to set us default the domain.com for the affiliate program? I understand that I should do it on the * but I do not know how to do it Thanks in advance Dave
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