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  1. Thanks, I replied on his article but didn't get a reply so I posted this here I will try and contact him directly.
  2. Hi I would like to know how to Track Adwords Conversions in WHMCS with Google Tag Manager? I came across the following article (https://market.eunarede.com/whmcs/track-adwords-conversion-in-whmcs-with-tag-manager/) when through the steps however it seems incomplete or I don't know if you have to purchase a module from them (this wasn't mentioned). They make mentioned of a "Conversion Value: {{value}}" however this was not defined and produces the following error: "Unknown variable “value” found in a tag. Edit the tag and remove the reference to the unknown variable." in Google Tag Manager when submitted. Note: Tag manager has already been implemented into my WHMCS and works. I just need to be able to get the the Conversions to be recorded and reported back to Google Adwords by WHMCS. How can this be done
  3. Hi v5.2.13 Has changed All invoice and product currency to USD we use three different types of currency which is set in the customer profile which previously displayed invoices in the set currency correctly. However now all invoices are displayed in USD irrespective of their set currency. Please fix this ASAP, as this is having a very big impact on billing.
  4. Hi I'm offering a product based on quantity I've set up a landing page to promote the product I would like to know it is possible to have the user enter the quantity value on the landing page then pass it to whmcs cart for billing? For now I've simple used a direct link provided by whmcs to the product. If there is any other way to get this done please let me know.
  5. there is no snippets of code on this page
  6. I'm also interested in this but since there has been no response since this was posted in 2008 I guess we are out of luck
  7. Hi I've set up whmcs on an Amazon EC2 and I would like to utilize Amazon SES for sending out all mail from whmcs. Has anyone had any experience in getting this to work?
  8. Thanks for the response guys I've spent the past few hours from my first post to now doing research. I've contact cPanel/WHM and I was told by their staff that they would not recommend me using cPanel/WHM since I will be deploying it on Amazon EC2. So I've switch my attention to Virtualmin Pro. Any one have experience in using the two together?
  9. thanks for the quick reply. Is there any documentation on configuring the automatic connection of domain names to email hosting accounts? Also where can I find additional information about email accounts management e.g. ensure that DNS records are set for mail delivery, email accounts created/deleted etc.
  10. Hi, I'm looking into offering email account hosting to my customers I was wondering if this service can be handled by whmcs. I would like customers to be able to register a domain, once register they would then have the option to purchase various email account packages. The process of connecting the domain to the email (also creating) accounts should also be automated. Anyone know if this can be done with whmcs?
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