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  1. I actually contacted WHMCS and asked why this feature has been under construction so long. Tthe answer I got back was that "the roadmap was long and that their priority is functions that many people are requesting". However, I think (as you said) they should be embarrassed. Conditional logic in order forms are something that you need in 2021 to be able to offer products with different options. Since there are more than 5 of thoose request and all of them are "under construction" and has been for atleast 5 years. I think they really don't care about the communities opinion. Putting a request "under construction" and let it have the same status for over 5 years is not good PR. It may sound harsh, but all other companies I have active services on are companies that actually publish their roadmap and changelog and actually care about the customers opinion. It's one factor that I look on when choosing a product/service, and they don't let a feature be under construction for over 5 years. If Hostbill had monthly plans, I can guarantee that I would quit using WHMCS. Sure WHMCS has decent support and are easy to use, but as many other programs, games etc some of the updates are totally unnecessary compared to updates that really are requested, as conditional logic in the order form. The configoptions are dropdowns...
  2. Ok, yeah I have seen multiple of request that are "under construction" but they were posted 6 years go. Seems like WHMCS dev team really don't care about thoose request's, sadly... Even Hostbill has that feature...
  3. Hi, I was woundering if its possible to set some kind of logic in the configurable options. For example I sell minecraft servers. I have two configurable options, one for the Minecraft gamemode (spigot, vanilla etc) and one for the version (1.16.4, 1.17 etc). Can I make so if the user for example select Bungecoord as a gamemode, the configurable option for the version hides?
  4. Hi! How do I change the header on the orderforms only? I want to integrate my orderform visually with my front webpage. (The header)
  5. Hi, I have started thinking of creating a custom knowledgebase site (because I dont really like the WHMCS one) and wondered, is it possible to require the visitor to login (or have an active login session) in WHMCS before accessing the site? The knowledgebase is written in PHP and is located in one subfolder (not the same as WHMCS).
  6. So, I was wondering if WHMCS offers so I can add logic to configuration options. I will explain what I mean: So, I have a configuration option (with a slider) for a game server. The customer will (via the slider) choose how many slots they want on their game server. So can I somehow add so when the customer, for example, choose 10 slots, a "hidden" configuration option will then be 1000 MB (for RAM)? And if the customer chooses 20 slots, a "hidden" configuration option will then be 2000 MB (for RAM). And of course, if I can do that with multiple things, so the storage and RAM will depend on how many slots the customer chooses. Thanks!
  7. Hi! Recently I created several hooks to remove unnecessary sidebar widgets like "categories" and "actions". For example: To remove the Actions. When I have done this my whole client area and order form is not centred, is very much to the right. And if I can minimize the client area gap as well (as shown on the 2nd picture) How do I center it? (I'm using custom theme)
  8. Hello! I have recently starting to use WHMCS and have tried to find some solution on how to make so WHMCS can generate a username based on the real name of the client. I currently using Plesk, and I want all orders to be 100% automatically. I know that WHMCS can generate random usernames automatically, but can I in someway change that so WHMCS will generate the username based on the client's real name? Like "August.smith" Thanks!
  9. Welcome to WHMCS.Community Oliver F! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

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