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    7.6.1 Font Awesome Icon Issue

    Hi, I updated the files you listed and our issue has been fixed. Fortunately I didn't change any of them to FA as I wanted to see if there was a better solution and there was. Also didn't have any issues with custom pages as I have used the Bootstrap icons instead but may update them now to the latest FA now it's working. Thanks again for the help.
  2. CrashW

    7.6.1 Font Awesome Icon Issue

    Hi, It does appear to be as if the wrong css/js files are loading but do you know how / where these are located so I can check. I have looked through all of the template files and it appears the FA libraries aren't loaded up directly within the templates. Thanks
  3. CrashW

    7.6.1 Font Awesome Icon Issue

    Hi, Thanks for your response. We are using a custom template with only slight differences. I have done a comparison of the files between Six and our Template and the Font Awesome icon classes are the same (FAS V5 doesn't work but FA V4 does work). With regards to the cart templates we are using custom templates for most categories and all icons using FA are working but the standard_cart one that we use on the Domain Registration page isn't working with FAS classes. Which again if I go into the standard_cart template --> domainregister.tpl and change all references of FAS back to the V4 FA they start working. Issue is some of these i.e. SideBars etc are dynamically set else where which I can't seem to change. I was going to go through and change as many as I could back to FA but was worried that if it was a wider issue and a fix came out I would have to go through and do it all again backwards. Thanks
  4. Hi, We seem to be having an issue with our Font Awesome 5 icons within a 7.6.1 installation of WHMCS. I have read a number of articles here but am unable to find one describing the issue we are having. Most are related to the update of Font Awesome from 4 to 5 which caused a required change within the code from Front Awesome classes FA to FAS. Now I have checked all of our templates and the source code being putput to the browser and all of our icons are using FAS but still don't work. The strange thing is if we change FAS in a template file back to FA (Supported under Font Awesome v4) they start working again. Has this been seem before and have we seemed to have had an issue with our 7.6 upgrade? Wondering if we need to re-do the upgrade so Font Awesome 5 is actually being imported. Thanks for any help.
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