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  1. with this method, any time that i refresh page, i get new value!
  2. Now how can I apply this limitation about payment gateway in viewinvoice.php page too?
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Yes I use standard_cart with customized template. This JQuery code solved my problem: jQuery("input:radio[name=paymentmethod]:visible")[0].checked=true;
  4. Hi, I need use other gateway when card total is more than 400$, with this hook othergateway shown when total is more than 400$ but that is not selected and if customer doesn't select othergateway then redirected to paypal. How can change default selected gateway from hook? function cart_gateway_detection($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile']=='viewcart'){ $gateways = $vars['gateways']; $total = $vars['total']->toNumeric(); if ($total <= 400){ unset($gateways['paypal']); } else { unset($gateways['othergateway']); } return array("gateways" => $gateways); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_gateway_detection");
  5. I have a RESTFUL API for sending SMS, and that need just a message and a phone number for sending SMS. I didn't find any plugins. I want all users to be checked every day, and send SMS to users who were eligible (based on what I write.) For this needed cronjobs. this must written as hook?
  6. Hi, I want to give customers feedback after X days from their first order (by sending a poll link via SMS) please help me about this.
  7. how can i use $smarty variable in custom php page?
  8. THANKS uid is id of client or is for whmcs admins?
  9. Someone can help me on how to use condition for WHMCS's logged-in admin in custom php page.
  10. Hello I need to use WHMCS login system for access custom PHP file? I created a php file in folder inner of whmcs and now i want just admin of whmcs can see this page. please help me about implementation of that. thanks
  11. Thanks so much, How should run this and get result. I saved it in PHP file and run it but i have 500 error.
  12. But I want reverse of it. i have my gmail password and i need Encrypt password and then save it for SMTPPassword.
  13. Hello, i need insert smtp setting from phpmyadmin. how i should edite SMTPPassword in tblconfiguration ? md5? thanks.
  14. Hello How can we add css class to custom fields in register page? now we use this: {foreach $customfields as $customfield} <div class="control"> {$customfield.input} </div> {/foreach} Now I want the output to be something like this: <input type="email" name="email" id="inputEmail" class="my custom class" placeholder="my place holder" value=""> thanks.
  15. Hello Please guide how I can enable payment only for specific IPs and display an error message to other users? thanks
  16. How can we compel the users to change their password and not being able to register a new order with the previous password?
  17. I have tried to parsing RSS feed in clientarea before than create new topic but failed.
  18. Hi, I need to automatically create a ticket for the customer after the customer has ordered certain products and ask for the needed information . I see this on other sites, but i don't know how to handle this. Please Help me about this subject.
  19. Hi, I want display our blog's latest three posts instead of whmcs latest news links on clientareahome. Is there a ready solution? if not, how can I connect to the WordPress database? Thank you for your helping.
  20. I have about 100 product that my profit is a percentage of each product prices. This percentage is different for each product. Now I want to calculate my monthly profit by using the data of DB. But the ID of products is not mentioned in each invoice tables. (tblinvoices - tblinvoiceitems) I have just description in tblinvoiceitems that is not help to do this. If i know each order or invoice is for which product, i can calculate my profit. Please guide me regarding this issue.
  21. Actually, I would like to have another Form on the order page and I will be able to add more information to the order, using order id. (in this example: 1234) (of course in another table of db) I also need to show additional information that entered for each order on the order page. Please Help me about this.
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