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  1. how I can have that relid when invoicepaid for use in hook?
  2. Hi Please Help me ablout relid in customfieldsvalues table?
  3. Exactly I want to add a value to a product custom field when invoice paid, that shown in order or invoice page. Thanks for your help. <?php add_hook('InvoicePaid', 1, function($vars) { // Perform hook code here... });
  4. Hi I want add a value to "Custom Field" of product, during order process. how i can do this with hook?
  5. Hi, in clientareainvoices page how can increase invoice from 25 to 100 ?
  6. with this method, any time that i refresh page, i get new value!
  7. Now how can I apply this limitation about payment gateway in viewinvoice.php page too?
  8. Thanks for the explanation. Yes I use standard_cart with customized template. This JQuery code solved my problem: jQuery("input:radio[name=paymentmethod]:visible")[0].checked=true;
  9. Hi, I need use other gateway when card total is more than 400$, with this hook othergateway shown when total is more than 400$ but that is not selected and if customer doesn't select othergateway then redirected to paypal. How can change default selected gateway from hook? function cart_gateway_detection($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile']=='viewcart'){ $gateways = $vars['gateways']; $total = $vars['total']->toNumeric(); if ($total <= 400){ unset($gateways['paypal']); } else { unset($gateways['othergateway']); } return array("gateways" => $gateways); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_gateway_detection");
  10. I have a RESTFUL API for sending SMS, and that need just a message and a phone number for sending SMS. I didn't find any plugins. I want all users to be checked every day, and send SMS to users who were eligible (based on what I write.) For this needed cronjobs. this must written as hook?
  11. Hi, I want to give customers feedback after X days from their first order (by sending a poll link via SMS) please help me about this.
  12. how can i use $smarty variable in custom php page?
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