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  1. inside of panel, where users see after login.
  2. on clientareahome.tpl
  3. I have tried to parsing RSS feed in clientarea before than create new topic but failed.
  4. Hi, I need to automatically create a ticket for the customer after the customer has ordered certain products and ask for the needed information . I see this on other sites, but i don't know how to handle this. Please Help me about this subject.
  5. Hi, I want display our blog's latest three posts instead of whmcs latest news links on clientareahome. Is there a ready solution? if not, how can I connect to the WordPress database? Thank you for your helping.
  6. I have about 100 product that my profit is a percentage of each product prices. This percentage is different for each product. Now I want to calculate my monthly profit by using the data of DB. But the ID of products is not mentioned in each invoice tables. (tblinvoices - tblinvoiceitems) I have just description in tblinvoiceitems that is not help to do this. If i know each order or invoice is for which product, i can calculate my profit. Please guide me regarding this issue.
  7. hogava

    save more data when accepting order

    Actually, I would like to have another Form on the order page and I will be able to add more information to the order, using order id. (in this example: 1234) (of course in another table of db) I also need to show additional information that entered for each order on the order page. Please Help me about this.
  8. Hi, i need to have a Selectbox in order page (admin doshboard: /admin-folder/orders.php?action=view&id=1234), to select how i accept order. I want to be selectbox value stored in the database when I accept order.
  9. I don't use domain section. I've only several services and client groups. Now how can i set specific price for each client groups? example: product A price is: 99 dollars for a client group which name is Gold 119 dollars for a client group which name is Silver 129 dollars for a client group which name is Bronze
  10. I want to see list of old customers that who haven't ordered recently (example, 3 months ago) In WHMCS we haven't comprehensive reporting system or i did not find it yet. Please help me about how can i do it from phpmyadmin?
  11. I noticed recently by using client groups can have separate invoices for each groups. But this seems this interesting option is just for domains, and it is not possible to create separate invoices in the service segment. please help about creating separate invoices for special groups in WHMCS. thanks
  12. Please advise if it is possible assign each customer to a support expert and then get reports about customers as their expert? For example "Expert A" has 10 customers that we want to see their orders and total paid of his customers. how can we do this?
  13. Thanks for your attention. I have just 4 "custom currency rate" (floor numbers) that i want to output them in the clientareahome.tpl I can add those in tblconfiguration table or an other new non-whmcs table. now i am going to read about Capsule and thank you for more help.
  14. Hi I have some information in my DB that updated by cronjob. now i want to display those in my template for clients, with shortcodes like {$myfirstdata} and {$myanotherdata} now where i can start it. i know this need a hook, but how?
  15. Hi, I want my customers can order product addon just when they order product. how i can do it, and do not let the customers to order addon separate?

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