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  1. U32Frank

    API date search?

    I don't have access to the database is the quick answer, however, i could get it I guess. How does WHCMS feel about you jumping in the DB? In my experience application vendors don't really want you accessing the DB, especially when there is an API. The report has is made of data from multiple systems, not just WHMCS,
  2. U32Frank

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone.
  3. U32Frank

    API date search?

    Great thanks. I bet we have well over a million invoices in our WHMCS, it would be pretty restrictive If we have to return them all every time. We have an enterprise contract with you guys, not to sound ungrateful, or impatient but if we requested this feature as a ticket would it help to get it done any quicker?
  4. U32Frank

    API date search?

    Hello everyone, Let me first start by saying, I am quite new to working with API requests so if this is something obvious please forgive me. I am trying to create an API call that returns all the invoices between specific dates. So far I can return all invoices, but I don't know how to add the date restriction. Thanks in advance Frank
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