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  1. Feel a bit of a dodo now, searched scores of forums and couldn't for the life of me find that setting. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi I seem to have a problem accessing whmcs during the period the database backup is happening, is there any way I can stop the backup running during the cron cycle? Don't really need an email each day with the backup etc Thanks in advance Ant
  3. Lowreg

    Nominet module now requires TLS 1.2

    Great news about TLS I don’t think whmcs need to do anything with regards to domain watch. Thanks whmcs
  4. Hi from September Nominet now requires TLS 1.2 and won’t connect with current 1.1 settings. Is is there anyway this can be updated? All the tech info on Nominet web site. Thanks in advance ant
  5. If any of the dev teams are reading these threads, users of the nominet or uk domain registrar modules for uk domains are about to hit a wall and hope you can help. June 2019 the .UK opens to full release and will now allow non UK registrants to register them, prior to this from before now to the release date, .co.uk owners who have the .uk rights can register their .uk's, but whmcs does not allow this, any way this can be resolved? Also from another thread, when a uk domain is expired you can only renew it for 1 year, can this be altered to make it up to the available 10? Thanks for WHMCS and hope you can help.
  6. I second themeforest, but as WHMCS is the managing and making money side, i would leave it as is and conentrate on the front end theme only. I recall being obsessed getting a theme integrated, but in reality once your customer enters whmcs your theme however pretty is not required, plus its just pasted in the header and footer and you can do that yourself?
  7. Hello WHMCS community, We use WHMCS as part of being a UK domain registrar, we only do UK domains so don't exactly push WHMCS to its limits. Been using WHMCS since the beginning at one place or another so glad I finally bypassed google and joined. Oh I've just realsed I'm not that great at inroductions
  8. Hi the new update seems to have caused a few problems for UK domains and wondered if anyone could help. After an expiry our customers can still renew their domains right up to deletion, appx 92 days after expiry, but the whmcs says a domain can only be renewed for 1 year while passed its ecpirt date Is there any way of making this a max 10 years instead of minimum 1 and only 1? We only deal with UK domains so no requirement for tld etc Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ant
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