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  1. Or you could switch to Quantum Gateway and utilize their quantum vault service which is free and removes you completely from all PCI issues as the card details never touch your server. That's what we did.
  2. Not to fan the flames here, but the CIM module takes the card details, passes them to a secure storage area AT AUTHORIZE.NET and that is it. What that means is that you can repeatedly charge their card without storing their card on your server. With standard modules, like the authorize.net module, the card details are stored ON YOUR SERVER, and you charge their card based on the data stored ON YOUR SERVER. With the CIM module, you charge a card number that is stored in a secure area at authorize.net, thereby reducing your risk of accidentally exposing the number. So, like Matt said, it does not completely solve your PCI compliance issues, but by you not storing the card details on your server, it greatly reduces your risk. You need to relax and act a little bit more professional in this public forum. You're giving a very poor image for your business. Had you read the sales page for CIM at http://www.authorize.net/solutions/merchantsolutions/merchantservices/cim/ before blowing up, perhaps you wouldn't look so foolish.
  3. You can customize your colors and font from your Quantum account. I'm still playing with them because I'm not pleased with how they look. But yes, a limited amount of customization is possible.
  4. I think Matt & I finally sorted out the final issue this morning. It appears to be working very well now that all of the bugs are squashed. I definitely need to log in to quantum and style the forms though, because by default, they are ugly.
  5. I still see it in my area (Even though we still have no CC processing because the script doesn't want to work) Log in to WHMCS client area Click My Licenses & Services Click the little green arrow icon for the license you want to mess with. The Quantum Vault module should be listed on that page....at least it is in my account.
  6. Go to your "Licenses" area...where you go to download the full WHMCS package.
  7. I am having an incredibly difficult time with it, to be honest. I just attempted the vault setup, and it failed to send each and every one of my CC users to my vault, but it went ahead and disabled my regular quantum module. So now I'm sort of in limbo, unable to process cards, until someone gets back to me. Not sure if it was an error on my part (I followed the instructions to a "T") or not, but it is definitely irritating...
  8. I'm with you on this one beet... http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=21819
  9. I think we did - Now when I log in, it's available...Before it wasn't (I don't use WHMCS as a download system, so maybe this is the way it's supposed to operate?)
  10. There is nowhere to actually download the product, though, after clicking the link. I see two entries there from my prior signups at your website, but I can't actually download the files for either of them after clicking the icon. The "Download:" line is just blank.
  11. And how exactly are we supposed to download this new version? I ordered it from your site in the hopes that it will fix some of the errors I'm having with the old version, but I don't have anywhere to actually download it.
  12. AGREED - http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?t=16839&highlight=billing+address
  13. Love the analogy, but unfortunately, still giving me the XML error.
  14. Unfortunately, that doesn't give me any more info than the Connector is. There are several rows that have an e for a status, so I've got no idea which record is killing the update. All I know is that it keeps failing with the error quoted above.
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