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  1. Hi John, thanks for the help. I ended up solving it (somehow) on this end. I actually loath when people say "solved it" without details on how they did it - that's not a lot of help for the next guy. But, that's what happened - it's solved and I don't know how. :) Anyway, thanks for the offer to help.
  2. For us, we get an error report every 5 minutes since we upgrade to 7.6. All it's reporting is that there is no new mail to import... that the mailbox is empty. It seems that email pipe is still working fine if there is a new message, but we get a warning message every 5 minutes telling me there's no new messages. One or more POP3 connections failed:-----Hosting Sales <*****@************.com>Error: Connection error: Mailbox is empty-----
  3. BUMP - has anyone had success with this ModulesGarden MultiBrand module? What it is described to do is to have a single WHMCS installation, with multiple "brands" which clients would see as different websites, when clients would come to http://www.site1.com and place orders, or http://www.site2.com and place their orders, that they would see their invoices and WHMCS client interfaces 'branded' by http://www.Site1 or http://www.Site2. We tried this for a LONG time, trying everything a couple years ago, but gave up eventually. They have a few new versions, but before I go down that road again... is anyone running this successfully, and administering multiple WHMCS 'brands' using the ModulesGarden MultiBrand module?
  4. Hello, I'm not sure what the proper area to post this in, but here goes. We've been an InternetSecure.com client for years - decades. They've recently closed down so we need to find another CC Processor. The trick is we need to process US$ transaction in US$ funds, but also process CAD$ transactions in CAD$ funds (not just letting the CC company 'convert' it based on a variable exchange rate. InternetSecure.com did that, and allowed us to service Canadian and International customers in familiar and comfortable funds. SO - we're looking for recommendation on new CC processors, we are fairly low volume and low ticket, so we want to keep the fees low of course. We do also have a physical storefront for ~30 years and have a physical card-swipe machine through PaymenTech and that's where larger ticket sizes tend to go for labor and internet usage and so on - but it's CAD$ only and it doesn't process online transactions (and our rates are LOW because it's all physically presented cards) so we don't really want to integrate that at all, we just want to replace InternetSecure.com with something US$ and CAD$ aware and simple with WHMCS. Thank you in advance for your wise recommendations.
  5. Hi. I have kinda the opposite situation. Instead of merging, I want to 'split' some of my customer base into a second WHMCS installation. So, the issue is - I want to keep all my local customer (physically local in my area) in our WHMCS installation, but I want to move out some of the customers and their domains who are just people who've found us on the internet and who are not local. Most of those folks have just Domain Registration only and no hosting - but I'd still want to be able to select them and move them into our other WHMCS installation. So, I'm guessing I can manually select which customers / domain / invoices / ticket that I want to ''Merge'' from one install to the other... but I'd really want to do a ''move'' instead of a ''copy'', so that once they are moved over to WHMCS-B, they no longer exist in WHMCS-A
  6. Hi. Just to add my 2c - I had the same issue when upgrading from 5.3.10 -> 6.2.2 which was this error... SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client So based on the explanation above, I went into WHM, did a MANAGE DATABASE USERS, and changed the password for the user. I just changed it to the same existing password from the configuration.php file, but I'm assuming that stored in from old-hash to new-hash in the process, and (even though I haven't had any actual old hash since the 1970's) that worked for me.
  7. Hi. Is anyone having success with this MultiBrand module? Basically, what I expected/understood it to do is to have a single WHMCS installation, and yet to have two (or more) ''brands'' that the clients would see - and that the clients would come to http://www.site1.com and place orders, or http://www.site2.com and place orders, and that they would see their invoices and WHMCS client interfaces 'branded' by Site1 or Site2. However, they tell me today that the ''process will be extremely difficult to handle'' and $1,500 minimum to make it work like that. So, I'm not sure if this is just a communication difference with them not understanding what I'm asking, or if I just don't understand what their MultiBrand is supposed to do - or what the problem is. I can't imagine making a 'MultiBrand Module' and not having it designed to have multiple brands administered in a single installation. And I can't fathom not having it designed for WHMCS operators which have multiple brands (and multiple WHMCS installations) right now - that must be everyone of us who's interested in a MultiBrand module, right? In any case, is anyone running this successfully, and administering multiple WHMCS 'brands' in a single installation?
  8. Hi all. I'd be interested in hiring someone to help implement this. We use WHMCS for our local ISP customer support, so I'm simply wanting to leave our WHMCS installation on the main login screen, and when a call comes in, have it search for the client, based on their caller ID phone number. The point would be so that when we answer the call, their client profile could already be open on the screen. I had tried a couple products that ran in the background and watched a caller-id capable modem, and were supposed to listen for the caller-id info when the phone was ringing and enter the phone number into some running program's active field. That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, but I was unable to get anything to work properly. So, I'd be willing to pay for help getting this working. I did have a previous thread open for this, but the forum won't let me post to it anymore based on it's date.. http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?46169-Caller-ID-Module-Callerid&highlight=caller
  9. Unfortunately, this MultiBrand module is a *. They've taken my money (as well as the money of everyone else who believed this product existed) but there isn't a functional product at all. Then, while I was still inside the payment dispute period, they gave me several 'absolute deadlines' for when they would release a working product. The last deadline was Sept 24th/2014, and we had agreed that they would either have a functional product, or they would refund the money. Sept 24 has passed, and they now admit that they don't have a developer on the project, but they also say they are not refunding people's money because it's ''their policy''. This 'product' is a VaporWare *, plain and simple.
  10. It would be nice to encompass all the suggestions from all the customers, but all I'm interested in at this point is getting a functioning module and some support replies. Ver 1.5 is fine, but how about a working Version? Troy - this module is currently non-functional, so I'd certainly recommend that you take a 'wait and see' stance anyway at this point. We paid for it over two month's ago, and it's still essentially non-functional, and support is essentially non-existent. They did say publicly that an update should be released 'within a week', but that was two weeks ago and no sign of it yet. I don't mean to be negative, but it was in MAY when I purchased this.
  11. If I have Multibrand enabled, then clients can't pay invoices. If I disable MultiBrand, then clients can pay. With MultiBrand is enabled, if they click on their invoice and click pay by Credit Card or Paypal, they just get kicked out to the main website screen. Perhaps this is a problem with MultiBrand and perhaps it's a problem with the way I have the brand configured. The instructions (http://www.docs.modulesgarden.com/Multibrand_For_WHMCS#Brands_Management) don't really help explain what these fields are and what they control.
  12. Ok - well, the last three new clients that have signed up have been assigned to a brand once I 'accepted' their order. We had previously had several that were left as 'unknown' with generic (unbranded) Welcome messages, even with their orders accepted... so I'm not sure why? However, what I was saying in #2 above (that even new clients aren't being assigned to any brand) may have somehow fixed itself.. or maybe it's inconsistent... or maybe that's due to some change I made to the brand layout that's making it work properly... I'm not sure. However, at least the last three clients have been assigned to a brand when I accepted their order, and I was able to use our multibrandimport.php script to import the other few unassigned ones.
  13. OK, I appreciate your reply. 1) On the import script that we wrote, I believe it's working correctly.... we basically took each client in the tblclients, and we look in mod_multibrand_relations to see if the client already exists in there, and if that client does not exist, then we add a entry for him with the auto numbered ID, the type 'client', the brand_id, and the rel_id - plus created and updated 'now' dates. We then look at that client in WHMCS and list all his entries from tbldomains, tblhosting, tblinvoices, tblorders and tbltickets and put them all in mod_multibrand_relations as well, with the type of 'domain', 'service', 'invoice', order' or 'ticket' respectively, plus of course the brand_id, their rel_id, and the created/updated dates. It seems to have worked to assign all existing clients and all their 'inventory' to the multibrand module properly. Did I miss anything, or does that seem like that logic would work? 2) What we're seeing however, is that new clients that have come and setup since you installed MultiBrand, those new client and their new orders are showing up as 'unknown' - so it doesn't seem to be auto-assigning them to the brand. That may be due to something I did wrong while creating the brand itself... there is very little instructions on how to setup a brand and the English is kinda broken, so I expect that I have not created the brand exactly properly. Currently, I just have one brand and we currently haven't merged any of our other installations.
  14. And new clients aren't being assigned to brands - the report pages (such as a client list) have them listed as 'unknown' for a brand. And, since there's no way to assign an existing client to a brand, there's no way to assign this newly created client to a brand either. And, since this client wasn't assigned to a brand when he created his account, the system then sent him unbranded 'welcome email' and invoices. So ModuleGarden, just to confirm your features... your module is supposed to assign a new client to the brand of the website the surfed to, correct? So if we have BrandA.com and BrandB.net and BrandC.ca all on the same installation, if a new customer comes to BrandB.net and signs up, he's supposed to get assigned to BrandB in MultiBrand and get all his communication right from the first email - Welcome, Invoice, Order Confirmation, Credit Card Payment, etc. - those all are supposed to come from the MultiBrand module, correct?
  15. Hi again. Things are broken around my WHMCS installation now that MultiBrand is installed. Clients & Admins are seeing blank pages when ticket's are submitted or answered, and on other form submissions. redit Card payments also result in a blank screen. This is clearly new since you installed MultiBrand - if I enable logging in the WHMCS logs, this is the error... Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Subquery returns more than 1 row Your query is: SELECT * FROM mod_multibrand_brands WHERE id = (select brand_id from mod_multibrand_relations where type = "client" and rel_id = 394) ' in /home/domain/public_html/whmcs/modules/addons/MultibrandFunctionality/app/core/database/drivers/ExtendedDatabaseDriver.php:0 Stack trace: #0 Deactivating the MultiBrand module restores normal function to forms (like Support Tickets or Credit Card functions). EDITED: OK, I think we may have found the source of the problem and a work around for this. We've re-Activated our MultiBrand module and the blank pages are no longer a problem.
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