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  1. After upgrading to 8.2.1 we are getting the "down for maintenance (err 3)" but only on the browser tab. WHMCS is operating properly. I tried activating and deactivating but nothing changed.
  2. Thank you, re uploaded SIX and we appear to be good.
  3. Thanks, I do have the Pay to Text completed, but that text is not on the invoice.
  4. Not sure why this has never come up before but just realized that there is no physical address on our invoice. Normally not a problem but the odd client still pays by check. How do most of you add a physical address to your invoice?
  5. Thank you Brian!! While it is fixed, I'm not sure how. After going through a ton of CSS files it dawned on me that it may be the theme causing the problem. I attempted to change the theme to the previous version and received a permission error. Somehow that attempt fixed the original issue. Thank you for your help.
  6. Brian, thank you for the response. My CSS in domainregister.tpl looks different than yours. I tried removing the line that you have highlighted and that broke the page completely. Is it the line you are pointing to with the red arrow I need to remove?
  7. WHMCS: 7.10.1 PHP: 7.3.17 When we click any domain category, the tlds blink very quickly and then disappear. The categories are listed with the number of tlds in brackets. This was happening before the upgrade to 7.10.1 but I don't know how long it has been broken. -Allan
  8. WHMCS: 7.9.1 O/S: CentOS 6 PHP: 7.2 We have our domain.com on a VPS, mail is handled by GMail. We then have domain.net on a different server and use domain.net for all of our support emails, these are not GMail accounts. The POP3 Connection Error is adding webhostbox.com to the mail server name. I have confirmed that Setup > Support > Support Departments has the correct mail server name. One or more POP3 connections failed: ----- WordPress Hosting <wpsupport@domain.net> Error: Connection error: Connection failed to mail.domain.net.webhostbox.com,110: Connection timed out -----
  9. We have changed Registrars. We have set the domain renewal price to reflect the old Registrars pricing. New and transfers reflect to new. We have a client who transferred a domain (so move from old Registrar to new) and want them to benefit from the new Registrars price on renewal. We have set the recurring amount to the correct value. When the client logs into their portal and tries to renew early, they are being charged the old renewal rate. Is there a way to have them be able to renew from the portal at the new rate? -Allan
  10. i-Plugins has replied with: a change in WHMCS from 7.5.0 to 7.5.1 (WHMCS Issue: CORE-12144) caused the password reset page to redirect before any hooks are called which means we cannot catch it. What you need to do is to add the following to your WHMCS .htaccess file below the RewriteEngine on line RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^key=(.+?)$ RewriteRule pwreset.php https://www.domain.com/portal/pwreset?key=%1 [L,R=302] I then got time out errors until I added a "/" in front of pwreset.php. Unfortunately I am now back to getting the email address request from the password reset link.
  11. Does anyone else have this issue? The culprit is WHMCS Bridge and yet it has not been fixed and I can't even get them to respond with a time line. WHMCS 7.5.1 PHP 7.2 -Allan
  12. a little more info, if I am logged into WHMCS when I click the email link, the link works as expected and allows me to reset the password. When I am not logged in, th link takes me to a page asking for my email address and starts the loop.
  13. The Password Reset Validation template is correct. The structure of the tblclients table is type int(10)2 and the default value is "none". I then did a test, changing the email address to myself and the password reset worked as expected. We have had complaints from more than one client with the same loop issue and have been able to replicate when logging into their email. -Allan
  14. When a client clicks the "forgot password" on the client login page, they receive the expected password reset email. When they click the link, even within a minute time frame, they are linked to a page Lost Password Reset and the page is asking for the clients email address again. Enter the email address and the loo[p begins. WHMCS: 7.5.1 PHP: 7.2 -Allan
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