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  1. Yes, tried both Basic URL's and Full Friendly Rewrite. -Allan
  2. i-Plugins has replied with: a change in WHMCS from 7.5.0 to 7.5.1 (WHMCS Issue: CORE-12144) caused the password reset page to redirect before any hooks are called which means we cannot catch it. What you need to do is to add the following to your WHMCS .htaccess file below the RewriteEngine on line RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^key=(.+?)$ RewriteRule pwreset.php https://www.domain.com/portal/pwreset?key=%1 [L,R=302] I then got time out errors until I added a "/" in front of pwreset.php. Unfortunately I am now back to getting the email address request from the password reset link.
  3. Does anyone else have this issue? The culprit is WHMCS Bridge and yet it has not been fixed and I can't even get them to respond with a time line. WHMCS 7.5.1 PHP 7.2 -Allan
  4. a little more info, if I am logged into WHMCS when I click the email link, the link works as expected and allows me to reset the password. When I am not logged in, th link takes me to a page asking for my email address and starts the loop.
  5. The Password Reset Validation template is correct. The structure of the tblclients table is type int(10)2 and the default value is "none". I then did a test, changing the email address to myself and the password reset worked as expected. We have had complaints from more than one client with the same loop issue and have been able to replicate when logging into their email. -Allan
  6. When a client clicks the "forgot password" on the client login page, they receive the expected password reset email. When they click the link, even within a minute time frame, they are linked to a page Lost Password Reset and the page is asking for the clients email address again. Enter the email address and the loo[p begins. WHMCS: 7.5.1 PHP: 7.2 -Allan
  7. Also check that WHMCS Bridge WordPress Plugin has been updated. -Allan
  8. Thanks for the input. I'm a little frightened to back to PHP 7.0 but may have to take leap.
  9. When navigating to the Billable Item tab on one client we get the Oops Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request error. Adding errors to the config we see: Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /clients/admin/clientsbillableitems.php:0Stack trace:#0 {main} (I removed the full server path) This does not happen for other clients, only one that we are aware of. WHMCS 7.5 PHP 7.2
  10. aknight

    tld prices return blank

    RESOLVED > Updated Plugin WHMCS Bridge to v4.4
  11. We are seeing the same thing, 19 second load time on the domain registration page after the upgrade to 7.5 and PHP 7.2.
  12. aknight

    tld prices return blank

    I just changed from standard_cart to modern. Modern works as expected. Perhaps six did not get updated during the 7.5 upgrade?
  13. aknight

    tld prices return blank

    I do have a ticket open, and have the same issue with the six/standard_cart as we do with our custom theme'shopping_cart. The response from the ticket was: "Thank you for coming back to me here. The issue here is the Content-Type value being returned is text/html; charset=utf-8 (screenshot attached). The Content-Type that should be returned is application/json. This is described in more detail here: http://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/680894-troubleshooting-order-form-issues I hope this helps. Best regards," and the document did not help.
  14. aknight

    tld prices return blank

    I had not, but did now. Redid the domain name page still nothing. The last entry is: General Settings Modified. Changes made: Display Errors Enabled.
  15. aknight

    tld prices return blank

    John, I changed back to the stock template, six. Checked Setup > General Settings > Other tab > Log Errors option. Reproduced the error. Utilities > Logs > Activity Log shows that I changed the template but doe not have any additional errors. -Allan

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