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  1. Thank you @WHMCS Lawrence for the reply. I'm afraid that the AfterCronJob hook method suggested will cause confusion, since the WHMCS invoice then shows a different expiration date than in the domain details, as @string mentioned above.
  2. Or maybe it's easier to have the option to exclude tld from sync, on a future WHMCS version 🙂 Thank you both @string and @brian! for the replies and the propositions, seems that enom is not very popular for their eu, I'm I the only one using enom for the .eu who also like to use the sync? 🙂
  3. I was wandering how do you deal with the enom's .eu policy where they set the .eu for deletion 3 days prior to the Expiration date? Which means that the domain enters redemption 3 days before the actual expiration date (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oVNszsvqhxh3hlT1LYMfcwq3lw_e6J7DeBePvN4t2aw/edit#gid=1203932299 the Enom TLD Reference Chart where you can see that delete date (Deleted x days before expiry) is 3 days before the expiration date). The problem is that even if you manually change the Expiry Date to 3 days before the actual Expiry Date so you avoid payment in the last 3 days when enom charges for redemption, sync will change it back. And there is no way to disable domain sync based on a specific TLD.
  4. Strats

    Where is the good old cron information ?

    Please bring back the old cron. The new one is pointless, it's just a simple email without any useful info. The old cron email was really useful, it was a complete report of what was happening at the system. Please bring back the old cron.
  5. Strats

    IDNA on WHMCS v6

    Hello, This is a known issue, case #CORE-8560, where whenever someone look up a domain with non latin characters, the results appear in IDNA encoding. All registrars from countries with non latin characters, we cannot upgrade to v.6 until v6 reverts to the way IDNs were displayed in WHMCS 5, i.e. in utf-8 encoding. Please give some priority to case #CORE-8560, we cannot upgrade until this is fixed. Thanks in advance.
  6. Strats

    Paypal IPN issue after patchset 5.2.12

    This solve the problem but for the record, this issue appears at php 5.4 when at 5.3 works no matter what the setting is set to.
  7. Strats

    [Case 4339] Email CSS Styling Hot Fix

    Is this fix included to the current Full release?
  8. I think this has been reported in the past as a bug in all latest versions, this happens when text contain a non english character
  9. Strats

    Arabic words in activity log

    Does anyone has encoding issues at activity log after the last upgrade to 5.2.13? Mine appears like: Email Sent to �Ω�ΣΤ��Τ���Σ Χ��Π�ΥΤ���Σ ([Ticket ID: 907058] RE: Hosting Account Welcome Email)
  10. We've noticed that the serverstatus.php reports zero uptime (0 Days 00:00:00) from servers running litespeed. Does anybody knows, is there any extra configuration needed to have the correct uptime report from litespeed servers? Thanks
  11. Strats

    can't open any attachments on support tickets

    Here you go: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?80718-5-2-12-Ticket-attachment-redirects-to-clients-area&p=344703#post344703
  12. Strats

    updated to 5.2.12 lost access to tickets

    Hi, Same issue here too, can't access ticket attachments
  13. Strats

    iWHMCS not compatible with IOS7

    Yes, I confirm the issue. Well, it was hardly worked on iOS6 as stormy stated above, but for quick ticket answers it was helpful. Let's wait for the update...
  14. I can confirm this. Aslo error appears now again

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