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  1. Hi all, I want to add additional charge in below subtotal in every order (invoice transactions). How can I do that? any idea with using hooks? please share Thanks before.
  2. beckblurry

    Additional Charge?

    Hi all, Can I add service fee on row under subtotals (so it does not effect with the gateway being used). So basically want to give charge on every invoice of transaction? (like adminstrative fee). Anyone have an idea? Thanks
  3. beckblurry

    Tax apply for client group?

    Hi there, Can we to do this? Assign tax rate apply to client group (not country or state). Please help? Regards
  4. beckblurry

    Different taxes based on account type?

    May be you can share any idea, addon or module to provide like this rule. thanks @WHMCS ChrisD
  5. beckblurry

    Different taxes based on account type?

    My point is to provide tax2 calculation information on corporate clients (not with personal clients) at the cart information and proforma invoice,, but not to be calculate it to total, just counting percentage from subtotal. And if it has been paid, proforma invoice will be changes to real invoice with (eliminated tax2).
  6. beckblurry

    Different taxes based on account type?

    Hi Chris, I have 2 tax, tax1 is active to be calculated (10% exclusive),, and tax2, its just information (2% exclusive, but not calculated to total) - (if corporate client need this). I think I can use proforma feature. My rules maybe like this : if customer is corporate, in the proforma invoice there will be tax1 exclusive and row tax2 exclusive (but for tax2 not to be counted to total) if the customer is personal, then in proforma invoice there is only tax1 exclusive only (calculated exclusive to total). if possible I need 1 row again in each every invoice have a row for administration fee (fixed) like my thread in "Additional Charge" And when if the condition (both personal or corporate) invoice has been paid then row at the invoice tax2 will be eliminated. So finally there are only show subtotal, tax1, administrative cost and grand total (exclusive calculation). Please share if you have idea/module to make this work. Thanks
  7. beckblurry

    Ticket Support Time Statistic?

    Hi all, By the default ticket support whmcs facility have a logged activity with the time and departments who have participated on the ticket (in the tab log of ticket). Can we find out which ticket the longest time (accumulation count time) is at where the department? Or what additional module which provide it? Regards, Beck
  8. beckblurry

    Additional Charge?

    Chriss, sorry,, I missed thread reply. I mean reply in this thread : and I think it's can be closed, I have to communicate with whmcs services now. Thanks Chris,
  9. beckblurry

    Additional Charge?

    Hi Chris, I have try demo version for this module, can I configure descriptions for this charge? I want to replace description tax payment gateway (in the module) with any string (may be administrative cost) and appear in the viewcart, when user order. Can we do that with this module? Thanks chris
  10. beckblurry

    Different taxes based on account type?

    hi brian, thanks for your advice,, I'd appreciated I am from asia bay the way,, any suggestions from anyone else?
  11. beckblurry

    Additional Charge?

    Hello, Can anyone have to configure whmcs to charge every invoice transaction with 1 additional cost? let say for cost stamp or administrative cost? and it's not setup cost, so if client order multiple product at a time, cost stamp will show only one (like a payment charge). Regards, Beck.
  12. Hello, Let say, I have a 2 client types (maybe I can set via custom field in profile user or might any best way idea?), the client type1 for personal and client type2 for corporate. So my question is : Can I make both of accounts have different tax rules in each order or billing cycle? in case both of user at same regional. My point is I want to differentiate for personal and corporate clients (no effect region) so as to provide different tax rates for them. Any suggesting? Regards, Beck
  13. Hello, I have the same problem, I want to stop the addition of credit balance to the client if there is downgrade configurable option? How we can do that? any suggestions? if according to othellotech, then the user can not upgrade configurable option? and if according to cenourinha, then how do I get a configurable option assign to a package (which can only to be upgraded, not downgraded for only configurable option, not product package)? Thanks

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