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  1. Thanks I know that option but I want users still login to client area to respond.
  2. I want to change the setting so clients have to open tickets or reply online only please let me know how
  3. I did not know I thought they were like resellerclub and saw a lot of good review about them , My stupidity and now when I look closely I do not see any thing namecheap has that works for me 🙂
  4. About 2000 US Dollars 🙂
  5. I already have funds through bitcoin and they say it is not refundable so I am stuck
  6. Customer asks for CDP backup for his dedicated server. For the dedicated server he pay annually but he is paying for cdp backup of the same server monthly ( I do not know why) Should the backup be a separate service or as addon?
  7. But I have a resellerclub account with Zero issue. Every thing customized. the ICANN is just so stupid lie
  8. Perhaps this needs to be reflected in webhostingtalk and they get some bad review perhaps they wake up
  9. LOL no I do not need a lawyer the reason is stupidity of namecheap explained here
  10. Thanks yes it is very frustrating and have spent hours explaining again and again in chat sessions. They do not understand and I am stuck because I have a lot of money as funds through bitcoin . The do not refund so very much frustrated at this. What else does name cheap have worthy of sale I do not know I have to save my money :(
  11. Thanks but still customer scan change it no? Actually right now I just want the email to be set!
  12. Namecheap domain registration for me sucks because namecheap makes customer confused by sending emails to them directly for renewal with login links that go no where as customers do not have accounts with name cheap. What you guys do to get around this issue?
  13. OK I want that a certain email address is defined as registrant email for all domains registered in whmcs and it is grayed out so customers can not change it themselves. What is the trick?
  14. So simple and I did not notice that all those years ! 😞 Thank you very much
  15. Today after years of using whmcs I found out that there were times I simply give people free service and hosting for years in a few ocations I am not sure but a few months ago it might have happened with 500 dollars invoice too. This is the sotry A customer orders a hosting or adds fund but for some reason payment is not processed from paypal to my whmcs it could be because some thing was wrong with my server for example mod security or firewall what so ever so customer does not get confirmation and I do not receive any payment confirmation from paypal as well customer complains that he has paid but did his invoice has not been marked paid , I check my paypal account and I indeed see that he has made payment and money is there so I think to myself it might be a delay and eventually it will come through I wait for a few hours more but when this does not happen I manually mark the invoice paid after a day or two the payment from paypal comes in and the payment goes as credit to customer because I had already marked the invoice paid. Now after years of doing this ( not sure not often but I am sure i did this a few times and one might be a big invoice ) Now I know I should have never marked those invoiced paid or at least I should have double checked those accounts So What now? I feel I am a looser 😞

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