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  1. Thank you Mate! Am on mobile so am not a ke to test it in the next days but am sure it will work. You saved the community a lot of time. Really thank you. Add some donation link in your signature.
  2. Dear Comunity, dear Brian 🙂 Any chance to remove the register domain tab from clientarea home but ONLY FOR one client group. Here is the hook but its global. It should added some code like if clientgroup x then show else do not show. Unfortunatly am not the one who knows how to do it thats why please help me 🙂 <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item; add_hook('ClientAreaHomepagePanels', 1, function (Item $homePagePanels) { $homePagePanels->removeChild('Register a New Domain'); });
  3. Seems does not works on the lastes WHMCS 8.1 version. When I click the button "Check for IP Block and Remove" it does only refresh the page and nothing happends. No error no nothing.
  4. Hello Folks! After a 6 Hour work I managed to show second currency to my invoices (html): {if $clientsdetails.currency eq "1"} <tr> <td class="total-row text-right"><strong> {$LANG.ex}</strong></td> <td class="total-row text-center">{$exchangerate} </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="total-row text-right"><strong>EUR {$LANG.invoicestotal}</strong></td> <td class="total-row text-center">&euro;{(($total->toNumeric())* $exchangerate)|string_format:"%.2f"} EUR</td> </tr> {/if} If am adding the same code in invoicepdf.tpl is not working as its not PHP language. Can someone please save me some pain and convert this code into PHP so I can add it into invoicepdf.tpl? Ill be really thankful!
  5. Dear WHMCS Users. Why do not show the resource usage in in WHMCS when the account is owned by root? If I do not Limit resources in the ACL in the WHMCS shows as UNLIMITED DISK. Can someone please tell me how to figure it out? Thank you!
  6. Hello Everyone. I have open a ticket but noone answered me since yesterday. Maybe here can someone help? When someone purchase something he/she get such an email: <style> body,td { font-family: verdana; font-size: 11px; font-weight: normal; } a { color: #0000ff; } </style> <p><a href="http://www.mysite.net" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="mysite.net% <p> Dear tejli tejli, </p> <p> We have received your order and will be processing it shortly. The details of the order are below: </p> <p> Order Number: <b></b></p> <p> I have tried to add "p" before the body and still dident worked. Any Idea?
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