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  1. hkhost

    Server Sync Issues

    We had the same problem after using the Server Sync tool. The main issue is that every detail has to match exactly on both, your server and WHMCS: Dates: Creation/renewal dates usually have 1 or 2 days mismatch in old accounts (caused by leap-year) or when the order is received but accepted and created manually the next day, etc. Packages: Cpanel package's names need to match exactly the same. We had a problem because a package in one server was named "Enterprise" but in WHMCS was named "enterprise". Anyway, I think this feature should not have been deployed yet. Use with extreme caution.
  2. hkhost

    Stripe "Uncaptured" Payments

    Hi @WHMCS John Yes, we are using 7.8.3 with the Six template and Standard Cart (no modifications). Is there any way you can test from your side using Default (5 Character Verification Code)? Or should I open a support ticket (as the issue has been confirmed by some clients)?
  3. hkhost

    Stripe "Uncaptured" Payments

    I rather wait for a reply from an expert like @brian! or @WHMCS John
  4. Hello, is anyone else receiving "uncaptured" payments on Stripe from new orders that are not recorded in WHMCS? My guess is that the new client is failing the "captcha code" (we are using the good old Default (5 Character Verification Code)) when placing the order, however, the payment somehow does get through Stripe.
  5. hkhost

    Service ID Not Found

    Just to confirm is working! Thanks a lot, too bad it wanst mention the day I created this post.
  6. hkhost

    Service ID Not Found

    Thanks for your reply. Just to confirm, this is an SQL query I should run directly on the WHMCS database, correct?
  7. hkhost

    Service ID Not Found

    A few accounts also disappeared from the Summary Tab, nowhere to be found. If this because the Package name doesn't match? Anyway, the Server Sync tool should NEVER DELETE a service/product from WHMCS! Maybe change to a new status (not found) but not delete!
  8. hkhost

    Service ID Not Found

    Hello, I can see all services on the client's Summary page and if I click directly on them it redirects to Product/Services and it displays the hosting account correctly. However, when I click directly on the Product/Services tab doesn't show anything... (is not a cache thing because I flushed everything). Thank you.
  9. Some hosting accounts disappeared after using the server "sync" feature. Error message: "Service ID Not Found". Can someone explain why? What is the logic behind the server sync? Thanks. PS: Everything was working fine before the upgrade to 7.8.x
  10. It seems the duplicate charges happen every time the client enters the wrong captcha code (payment gets processed in Stripe but the order is not).
  11. hkhost

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    The main issue is why WHMCS didn't send a warning or notification about a possible bug with their Stripe module? And under "System Health" everything looked fine! We can understand a few bugs like the Password Reset link, etc. But anything related to PAYMENTS is vital for a business! We didn't know something was wrong with the Stripe module until a few clients reported the same issue, generating who knows on lost income. With each WHMC upgrade they move two steps forward, one step back...
  12. Hello We have an offer for free domain (register and renewal) with X hosting plan. However, the system renewed the domain 1 month in advance even though the hosting plan haven't been renewed. Is there any configuration we are missing? Thanks!
  13. hkhost

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    We are going to add a USD0.10 fee for grace periods just to keep the invoice opened.
  14. It seems @WHMCS ChrisD has no solution from his side... Anybody else having this problem?

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