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  1. Hello We are having problems when trying to see an old invoice. Errors: Error: Call to a member function isRecurring() on null in vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Billing/Invoice.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /whmcs-foundation/lib/Invoice.php(0): WHMCS\Billing\Invoice->cart() #1 /whmcs/includes/gatewayfunctions.php(0): WHMCS\Invoice->getGatewayInvoiceParams() #2 whmcs/admin/invoices.php(0): getGatewayVariables('paypal', 22960) #3 {main} This was not happening with previous WHMCS versions. Any idea how to solve this issue? Thanks!
  2. I hope WHMCS can upgrade the Default (5 Character Verification Code) As its proven useless in 2020 (any bot can bypass it) as you can see in the screenshot attached. PS. We can't use any Google Captcha because we have many clients from China...
  3. @zomex Any idea under what conditions does this happens? Maybe @WHMCS John can check further?
  4. Yes, I saw this happening again today with the latest WHMCS. However, in my case, the "uncaptured" payment was from a renewal instead of a new order like before. Screenshot
  5. Sorry, I used the wrong wording as I was talking about the Next Due dates that are not matching in some hosting accounts with free domains (mainly some old accounts with 5+ years on the system). I guess some products/services should be renewed one day in advance and others exactly the same date as registered in WHMCS. Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback @brian! I will keep checking from my side.
  6. Sorry, I can't find information about this topic. Free domains are supposed to ONLY renew if there is an active product linked to it and their expiration date matches. Unfortunately, the expiration dates on many Hosting accounts do not match with the domain's (usually 1-day difference). Therefore, the domain gets renewed 1 month in advance (invoice renewal fee = 0USD), even though we don't know if the client will renew the Hosting plan. a) Why would annual expiration dates on Hosting and Domains be different if registered on the same day? b) Does domain extension affect the renewal date? c) Does leap year affect expiration dates? (366 vs 365 days year) How to avoid domain renewals by mistake? Do we need to check each account with free domains to see if the expiration date matches? Is there any "hook" or automated solution? Thanks!
  7. Hi @WHMCS John can you please confirm if this same issue is happening in Version: 7.9.1?
  8. Hello Is there any way a client can renew his hosting plan before its renewal date? Thanks!
  9. Hello Is there any option or database query command to synchronize a domains' due date to its expiration date? Thanks!
  10. We had the same problem after using the Server Sync tool. The main issue is that every detail has to match exactly on both, your server and WHMCS: Dates: Creation/renewal dates usually have 1 or 2 days mismatch in old accounts (caused by leap-year) or when the order is received but accepted and created manually the next day, etc. Packages: Cpanel package's names need to match exactly the same. We had a problem because a package in one server was named "Enterprise" but in WHMCS was named "enterprise". Anyway, I think this feature should not have been deployed yet. Use with extreme caution.
  11. Hi @WHMCS John Yes, we are using 7.8.3 with the Six template and Standard Cart (no modifications). Is there any way you can test from your side using Default (5 Character Verification Code)? Or should I open a support ticket (as the issue has been confirmed by some clients)?
  12. I rather wait for a reply from an expert like @brian! or @WHMCS John
  13. Hello, is anyone else receiving "uncaptured" payments on Stripe from new orders that are not recorded in WHMCS? My guess is that the new client is failing the "captcha code" (we are using the good old Default (5 Character Verification Code)) when placing the order, however, the payment somehow does get through Stripe.
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