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  1. Hi brian! Thanks a lot for the reply, but not hidded, of course I checked :) In the search bar we can see the client account and code number. But after click, we get the error message: So it seems the account was deleted correct? Is there any way to recover it? Thanks
  2. Hello, with the new WHMCS 8, it seems some "inactive" users/clients/contacts were deleted? And what does classify as "inactive"? If they don't pay, or if they dont have an active service or if they don't login to WHMCS? For example, we have an affiliate account that only contact us once a year to request payment, but now his account disappeared. Error message: Oops! HTTP Method Not Allowed Invalid Request Is there any way to find them in the Database and make them "active" again?
  3. Website payment preferences / Auto return for website payments = OFF (No URL added). I don't think its relevant for this issue, but thanks anyway.
  4. Hi, thanks for the input but the URL in the email warning is totally different... something that we used several years ago. I will try the "new" PayPal gateway recommended by WHMCS, just worried that old subscriptions will not work properly.
  5. Hello, does anyone know where or which file does WHMCS store the PayPal's IPN URL? We always get the following warning from PayPal, however the URL inside the PayPal account is correct, so the wrong URL should come from WHMCS. We are using PayPal Basic module. Any idea will be highly appreatiated!
  6. Yes, it is working, but to see the changes you need to clear the cache for language locales running the following query in the DB delete from tbltransientdata where name = 'WHMCS\\Language\\ClientLanguageLocales';
  7. Case CORE-16485 Except for the English language, all other flags can be changed using the language overrides, example: $_LANG['locale'] = "zh_HK"; They should offer a free year license for each bug reported...
  8. Great, not only WHMCS is full of bugs but now they also increase the license fees (AGAIN)!
  9. Yes! I don't know how many clients we lost because of this very sensitive issue. Exactly! I wonder what testing are they doing during the Beta Releases... Anyway, thanks for the help, I will go ahead and report this bug.
  10. Sorry, I can't find information about this issue. When using the Twenty-One theme, the Chinese flag for Traditional Chinese language is wrong. Can someone explain how to change it? Thanks.
  11. The bug was confirmed. Case CORE-16037
  12. Hello Yes, we have around 200 published announcements dating back from 2011 (example attached). It is set to Friendly index.php and im not comfortable changing this setting as all other stuff is working fine. Anyway, the correct behavior should show all announcements no matter the date. Can someone from WHMCS please check?
  13. As the title says, when I click on "Older Announcements" I can only see the following message: No announcements to display However, im sure there are many announcements over the years (I can even see the pagination at the bottom). Any idea what is happening? Is this a bug? We are using the new theme Twenty One (without modifications) and latest WHMCS.
  14. Thank you for your very useful comments. We will continue waiting for this issue to be fixed. I guess 1 year is not enough time.
  15. I knew since the beginning it was a bug related to Captcha 😂
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