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  1. I have change a little bit the code, to show you how only the ClientAreaPage and AdminAreaPage hoos run. add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: ClientAreaPage"); }); add_hook('AdminAreaPage', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: AdminAreaPage"); }); add_hook('PreRegistrarGetDNS', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: PreRegistrarGetDNS"); }); add_hook('AfterRegistrarGetDNS', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: AfterRegistrarGetDNS"); }); add_hook('PreRegistrarSaveNameservers', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: PreRegistrarSaveNameservers"); }); add_hook('AfterRegistrarSaveNameservers', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: AfterRegistrarSaveNameservers"); }); add_hook('AfterRegistrarGetContactDetails', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: AfterRegistrarGetContactDetails"); }); add_hook('PreRegistrarGetContactDetails', 1, function($vars) { logActivity("Debug: PreRegistrarGetContactDetails"); }); I have made some test, getting the domain contacts and one change on nameservers and please see the attached
  2. Maybe I did not explain proper the problem. var_dump is only a php sentence to stop the debuger (xdebug), you can forget about the result of the var_dump() function. The only hooks executed in my installation are ClientAreaPage and AdminAreaPage, the rest in the first post are never executed. I can assure that, because I have IDE breakpoints in all of them and the process never stops there, it only stops at ClientAreaPage and AdminAreaPage. It is very extrange behaviour, isn't it? senq thanks for your time and responses!
  3. it doesn´t mean anything, only to stop the debugger
  4. Hello, I have a file /includes/hooks/hooks.php with the following code: <?php add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("ClientAreaPage"); }); add_hook('AdminAreaPage', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("AdminAreaPage"); }); add_hook('PreRegistrarGetDNS', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("PreRegistrarGetDNS"); }); add_hook('AfterRegistrarGetDNS', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("AfterRegistrarGetDNS"); }); add_hook('PreRegistrarSaveNameservers', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("PreRegistrarSaveNameservers"); }); add_hook('AfterRegistrarSaveNameservers', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("AfterRegistrarSaveNameservers"); }); add_hook('AfterRegistrarGetContactDetails', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("AfterRegistrarGetContactDetails"); }); add_hook('PreRegistrarGetContactDetails', 1, function($vars) { var_dump("PreRegistrarGetContactDetails"); }); I am trying to execute some of the above hooks, but only ClientAreaPage and AdminAreaPage are called when I visit any page of clientside or adminside. I know that PreRegistrarGetDNS, AfterRegistrarGetDNS, PreRegistrarSaveNameservers, AfterRegistrarSaveNameservers, AfterRegistrarGetContactDetails and PreRegistrarGetContactDetails are only called in few actions, for example when the domain register is getting the nameservers, contact details or saving dns records so I go to any admin domain page to force these hooks but sadly they are never called. I also have few breakpoint in the code but the debuger only stops at ClientAreaPage and AdminAreaPage hooks. Is anyone having this issue? My WHMCS version is 7.1.1
  5. Hello and thanks for your responses, Vicent1: I've already checked this option and works fine for the Enom domains, but there is a problem in client area when a client has a non Enom domain and try to "Use default nameservers in client area" because in General/Set Up/Domains/ in the default name servers I have the name serves of ResellerClub, and automatically my get this ResellerClub nameservers othellotec: I have: - ns1.mydomain -> Ip server1 - ns2.mydomain -> Ip server1 - ns3.mydomain -> Ip server2 - ns4.mydomain -> Ip server2 but, What happens with client who only has domain registration? How can this clients manage their domains? Thank you for your support
  6. Hello all, I recently added reseller club registrar to my WHMCS system, just to********sell .ES domains since they have better prices. I've always worked with Enom without problems. But now, I have a doubt about to how configure the default nameservers in a domain registration, because the Enom nameservers are: dns1.name-services.com,dns2.name-services.com,...,dns5.name-services.com and the ResellerClub nameservers are: xxxxx.mercury.orderbox-dns.com, ..., xxxxx.mars.orderbox-dns.com. I'd like that, when a customer register a .ES domain by default my system uses the ResellerClub nameservers and when a customer register .COM, .NET, .ORG, or any other my system use Enom nameservers. How I could configure my system to use both Enom and Resellerclub nameservers in a domain registration? Has anybody some tips on how to do that? Thank you so much, Miguel
  7. I was looking for it but without success, Thank you so much!
  8. Hi! I've configurated verticalsteps in my 5.2.14 WHMCS system. I'm trying to change the currency in the cart and the price change properly for every product, but the prefix €,₤ and $ never change. does someone know what happened? Regards, Miguel
  9. Hello, did you find a solution for this problem? I had the same problem and just develop a solution only for .es domains. Next week, I´ll upgrade with .com.es, .com.ar, and other what doesn't work in WHMCS too. If you can visit and try it in hostingular.com (only .es at moment) If you are interested, please contact me. Regards
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