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  1. Well hopefully they work in 9. I know the only thing working now is Basic. The whmcs buttons themselves don't even do the job. Click a product, enter a domain, hit continue and there you are back at the product group. Whmcs maybe slow down a bit, you're breaking things that have worked for years.
  2. DAMN ME DAMN ME DAMN ME for not reading all the way out to page 3. This product is HORRIBLE! Looks like something Marty Mcfly brought back from 1985 !!! Okay maybe that would have to be 1995, but still I mean REALLY? By the time you remove the Interworx junk, the articles with Siteworx in the screenshots, in our case Softalicious (cause we use Installatron) and limit things to just the Paperlantern cPanel there's maybe 30 articles making it almost $1.70 an article. Then you get to fix the grammar. A HORRIBLE PRODUCT and I feel I need to add to page 3 out here and let people know. I have wasted $51 and since they don't offer a return policy I have a responsibility to share my experience through review. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!
  3. Is this project dead? Download/Buy link sure is. Would like to develop a simple app for talking to ClientArea and this project would be a good direction.
  4. Nobody has ever moved/setup customers before? No feedback from anybody? I thought surely this would be a hot topic.
  5. I am nailing down the process of transferring customers over to a new server running the latest of the above. So far I have the following process determined: Xfer customer using WHM Assign package and email Insure the right IP is assigned Pull into WHMCS using cPanel import Add the contact information Add the profile information and assign contact Add the customer's credit card details less cvv2 Verify the following product/service info: Product/Service: set to proper hosting package Status: set to Active Registration Date: set to start of last billing period First Payment Amount: set to cost of last invoice Recurring Amount: set to cost of next invoice Next Due Date: set to when next invoice should be created/charged Billing Cycle: set to be same as last invoice billing cycle So far that looks pretty kosher. I do have couple questions here though. How do you know that it is going to recur properly? Is there a place you can check to see the recurring items before they hit their due date? Should anything be in the "Billable Items" or "Invoices" tabs at this point or will those populate later after some recurring transactions take place? Now on to the Domains tab. Seems that it is going to be difficult to move over domains seeing as they haven't been invoiced for yet and won't until their expiration dates. I am thinking just adding a domain order the week before it comes up for expiration would be best, thus getting all the items in the system. That will of course take a full year for them all to cycle over and that isn't so feasible in my case. What have other people done for moving the domains over? Look forward to some discussion on this. I know there are fragments answered throughout the forums but it would be nice to get a good "How we did it" thread going on the full process. Big Wil
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