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  1. This doesnt work any more, so I submitted this as an idea to whmcs, maybe we can get some votes and get this done... https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/hook-return-issues-including-more-then-one-hook-point-compatibility-and-changes-to-smarty-variables
  2. I submitted this as an Idea so they can fix this, maybe we can get some more votes to make it happen! https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/hook-return-issues-including-more-then-one-hook-point-compatibility-and-changes-to-smarty-variables
  3. This needs to be fixed internally within the WHMCS code...
  4. Thanks, now I'm having the issue after talking to the addon developer that my hook is overriding their hook. Similar to what is described here It seems variable changes made in the first hook do not get passed into the second hook and then to WHMCS. So its either one hook or the other and not both for some reason. WHMCS should pass the results of the changed variables to the second hook for processing, and then those changes of the variables from both hooks then passed to the template from WHMCS. But its not doing that.
  5. WHMCS 8, and I just excluded Guzzle from the module so that it uses Guzzle included with WHMCS instead, thus fixing my issue
  6. I think I figured it out, it was a hooks file in a addon that was overriding my hook. I would change it and then it would run and change it back. I fixed it by doing add_hook("ClientAreaPage",300,"..... (changing the priority of my hook to be higher)
  7. Yes, both installs are the six default html template not modified (we like to do all modifications in hooks files).
  8. Hooking is working because I add exit; before the return and I get a blank page so the hook is being called. I cleared the template_c folder and we dont have litespeed or cloudflare and still it does not work....
  9. Thanks, ya in my dev install this works, all three are changed in the header and footer, but my live install it does not work and they are both 8.0.4 R1, so odd..still debugging.. function client_area_companyinfo_change_it($vars) { $aryReturnArrayData = array(); $aryReturnArrayData["companyname"] = "Test Company"; $aryReturnArrayData["date_year"] = "1234"; $aryReturnArrayData["assetLogoPath"] = "/images/logo.jpg"; return $aryReturnArrayData; } add_hook("ClientAreaPage",1,"client_area_companyinfo_change_it");
  10. Im trying to change the logo URL at the top from the hook and the Copyright footer of company name and date in the footer template.
  11. Ya thats what I have and its not working in 8.0.4, I raised a support ticket
  12. How do you do this in a hook? For example in a hook file with ClientAreaPage, how do I change the companyname smarty variable before its used in the template in WHMCS v8+ ?
  13. Fixed...this was caused by hidden whitespace before the starting PHP tag at the top of the file for our custom module.
  14. Yes I am, I even switched the plan to their default Plesk module and emptied the includes/hooks folder and I still get the error.
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