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  1. so why does it run the hook just once when the admin does it, even tho he changes 2 or more values? And is there a hook that will run just once with all updated values for client and admin making the change?
  2. Hello all, I am curious, why are people still using WHMCS after what they did with the pricing and customers so called "lifetime" licenses?
  3. I just tried now with 3 option changes at once as a customer, and the _ChangePackage ran 3 times. What the??? this seems like a bad process. Specially seeing as it runs once when the admin does the change package. does anyone know how to get a function or hook, after ALL configuration option upgrades are completed? Instead of a function run for each option change?
  4. Hello All, I have a module and i noticed that when there are 2 configurable options ( in the 1 config group ) that the _ChangePackage function runs twice when the customer does the upgrade. And the first time it runs, it has one of the option changes. The next time it runs it has both of the option changes. So it seems it runs for each option change. Interesting tho, when i click the button "Change Package" on the admin side for the service, it only runs the _ChangePackage function once, for all the options in one go. So why the difference of running in twice for the customer, but once for the admin?
  5. it is base64 encoded. so i got it all sorted 🙂
  6. this is close to what i was thinking of doing. the only problem is, the session data seems to be encrypted in the database. So i can get the session for the logged in person, but i cant get their userID from the session data without decrypting the payload somehow.
  7. Hello, Does WHMCS not allow for any output on a service that is status set as "Completed" on a modules _ClientArea() function? As nothing is shown that i return in the module function. It is only shown if the service has a status of "Active". Even when i return it in the 1st line of the function. So how do i show anything on the service/product page when the service has finished and set to "Completed"?? As i need to show the old services details to the customer.
  8. Hello, Does anyone know how to decode the session payload in the database? Without using WHMCS. I ideally want to try and decode it via nodejs so i know which userid is linked to the session_id
  9. Hello all, I will have users logged directly into WHMCS. Does anyone know how i can verify a users session via the cookie and API? I will be doing it via a nodejs app. I have another application, and it has access to the WHMCS cookie as on same domain, and it can use the API. So i would like it to get the cookie and then check via the WHMCS API if the user is logged in and who the user is. I can also access the database if needed. The CreateSsoToken method does not really work for me, as they will be logged into WHMCS via the order form or other. And i cant control how they will access this other application ( they may click a link or access it directly or other )
  10. the ordering does not changes the problem, it just orders the module hooks. the last one still gets the variables which have not been modified by previous modules, and provides the final variables. the WHMCS hooks system is very flawed
  11. Hello, With the ClientAreaPageProductsServices Hook for a module, you can modify and return the values off the hook to be used on the template of the page. But i have noticed if you have another module hook doing the same, which ever one was run first will get overwritten by the 2nd values. It seems like the default values get provided to each hook. So if you have one module using the hook and returning the modified values, it works fine. But when you have two modules with the same hook being used. because the default values get provided to both, no matter if one modified the values. Only the final module running the hook will have their modifications passed onto the template. Is there a way to fix this? So modifications made by all module hooks for that function will be provided to the template?
  12. The cost of WHMCS for 6 months is now the same cost of me paying a developer to move me over to blesta. I have wanted to for some time now, due to how buggy WHMCS is and how bad they are at fixing them. This is the final thing to make me make the move happen.
  13. Blesta is the best one to go with from my research. It will cost me a bit to get it all moved over. About the same as 6 months on WHMCS new pricing. So after 6 months on Blesta i should be good again without any stupid moves like what WHMCS does. Blesta support is actually good, and they product a lot more flexible and easy to work with.
  14. i am very interested in joining a class action against them if anyone else is.
  15. i cant find ANYTHING in the WHMCS docs so i am having to ask. in a custom page i can get the currently logged in user. Via: $ca->getUserId() But how do i get the currently logged in contactId if the logged in used is a sub account?
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