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  1. i cant find ANYTHING in the WHMCS docs so i am having to ask. in a custom page i can get the currently logged in user. Via: $ca->getUserId() But how do i get the currently logged in contactId if the logged in used is a sub account?
  2. hmm the one that does get updated is free, so maybe thats why that one works. I added another Confg option that is not free, and tha doesn't get an updated value too after the upgrade. What am i missing?
  3. Is there any reason a Configurable Option value will not get updated to the new value after an upgrade on it? I have 2 Configurable Option on a product, and one of them shows the new value after the upgrade. But one does not get updated.
  4. I noticed it also performs the redirect and the login error is shown on the new redirected page. also shouldn't it not use sha1 and upgrade to a more secure hashing?
  5. Hi All, I have noticed our AutoAuth no longer works. was this broken recently in WHMCS? i have even put the sample script they provide in our WHMCS to test, and all i get is "Login Details Incorrect. Please try again." The timestamps match the server time, and the time displayed in WHMCS. the $autoauthkey is correct. anyone else know of why it might not work?
  6. i would actually like the code to also encrypt it too, so i can save new tokens to the database
  7. Hello, Does anyone know the code to decrypt the clients Credit Card details. the date and number ( which i believe is where the stripe token is saved too ) I want to implement a new stripe payment method, but i can not get the token as it is encrypted. i have the hash from my config to do it, just not sure how.
  8. is anyone finding the acceptQuote API function does not working when providing the correct arguments? All other functions work fine for us, but this one. ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function convertQuotetoInvoice(), 1 passed in /whmcs/includes/api/acceptquote.php on line 0 and exactly 7 expected in /whmcs/includes/quotefunctions.php:0
  9. exactly: it's okay in PHP. But any other environment makes it very limiting, such as interacting with the API from nodejs/browser/javascript.
  10. yes, the internal API is fine. but the external API is not. i can not send form values such as... entry1=true&entry2=false&entry3=false it needs to be: entry1=1&entry2=0&entry3=0 well the true actually works because 1 and "true' both = truth. but 'false' also = truth. So this tells me they are doing a if value == 1 which is bad programming. it should be if value === boolean truth / false
  11. Why does the API only accept 0 or 1 values for Booleans? It is VERY limiting and anoying. It should also accept 'true' or 'false' as values.
  12. yes i could write my own, but it would be best to use one already in place in the core software if available.
  13. is it possible to register/create a custom hook within my module for WHMCS. Not use one of the WHMCS hooks. So people could assign functions to the hook to manipulate some data and return it back to my module after it executes the hook? such as ... <?php add_hook('mymodule_myhook', 1, function($vars) { // Perform hook code here... });
  14. can someone supply me the module? i really need it but can't seem to get it. thanks.
  15. i have an app outside of WHMCS on the same domain that can check username and password via the WHMCS API. I am just wanting to know what do i need to set in the cookies so if they every did visit the WHMCS pages it would recognise the user is logged in.
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