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  1. PixelPaul

    Recalculate All Prices for your Customers

    can someone supply me the module? i really need it but can't seem to get it. thanks.
  2. i have an app outside of WHMCS on the same domain that can check username and password via the WHMCS API. I am just wanting to know what do i need to set in the cookies so if they every did visit the WHMCS pages it would recognise the user is logged in.
  3. Hi All, I am seeing this very very often now from clients, when they have a saved CC with strip and they try to use it they get the error message "could not find payment information" See attached. Does anyone have any ideas how i could fix this? I checked their accounts and the saved CC details are there.
  4. PixelPaul

    change product/service to One Time via database

    i have done a database data comparison of before and after i change the billing cycle via WHMCS backend and there is no other columns or tables that get changed ( excluding the logs ) so this make no sense to me how the invoice can still get created.
  5. PixelPaul

    change product/service to One Time via database

    no it doesn't, and i am doing it via a module i am creating.
  6. hello all, Does anyone know of all the columns that need to be change to update a product/service to be "One Time" and to no longer create invoices? but via the database. I have tried the table tblhosting and changing the columns as such: billingcycle = One Time nextduedate = 0000-00-00 nextinvoicedate 0000-00-00 but even with those updated to the above values, when the automated tasks cron runs, it will generate a new invoice for that service. And it even generated an invoice for services that would of been due for renewal in 3 years. So the invoices are created early now.
  7. so i have a client who pays via paypal echeque. The first time it tries it, it sets up the echeque, the next day it attempts the charge the customer again. and it seems to work. but then 3 days later the echeque clears and so i end up with duel payments. is this normal? shouldnt it see that a echeque is pending and not attempt to capture a payment the next time my crons run?
  8. PixelPaul

    set country when linking to WHMCS

    Does anyone know how i can set the customer default country selection when linking to WHMCS. Mostly when adding an item to the cart? I can set the currency and language, but i need the country so the correct tax is applied. Otherwise they see the wrong amount until they select their country and refresh the cart total. And i already know what country the user will be so i want to set it as default.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a let's encrypt module available anywhere? One that can be used for a customer to generate an SSL all from within WHMCS.
  10. PixelPaul

    whmcs support

    does anyone think the WHMCS support is a bit funny.. i posted a support request for a license a needed reissues ASAP as it was not letting me, i have a high priority. i then posted a request for a invoice to be deleted as it was in error, normal priority. This one gets a reply almost right away, while the high priority one is still waiting for a reply.
  11. this module does not work if i have another credit card gateway that needs to be available too.
  12. PixelPaul

    custom invoice number

    need to be able to have the invoices formatted so i can make them different from my other WHMCS systems
  13. PixelPaul

    custom invoice number

    So the "Sequential Invoice Number Format" is great as i need to be able to have the invoices formatted so i can make them different from my other WHMCS systems. But i just noticed that the invoice number is only used for paid invoices. Not for unpaid invoices? this seems to be a bit of a joke? as what company would change an invoice number once it is paid? like really... why is it like this? Is there any way to make it work a reasonable way to have the invoice number formatted for all invoices, from unpaid to paid like any normal software would?
  14. PixelPaul

    specify promotion fixed amount per currency

    another let down by WHMCS, no surprise there.

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