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Need some install help


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Thanks for your response but it didn't help.


My first attempt I used scp.


My second attempt I used Internet Explorer.


How can I ensure that the files are being uploaded as binary?


I am at a loss as to what to do, I have not seen an install fail so early.


Also, although it does not say, who should own the files from a permissions standpoint?

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If you are uploading with a typical FTP client there should be an option for you to select binary mode so be sure to select that. All files will then definitely be uploaded in binary. I actually just use the FireFTP extension for Firefox which works brilliantly so that all of my web interests are simply conducted via my browser. I just use Dreamweaver occasionally and other Adobe products for specifics.


This might help.


Blank Pages


Blank pages can be caused by errors in your customisations to modules or templates, missing files or if your server doesn't meet the minimum requirements for WHMCS. To see exactly what the issue is, you need to ensure display_errors are set to On in your servers php.ini file and the error_reporting level set to 6143. Then add the line $display_errors=true; to your WHMCS configuration.php file and revisit the page. An error message occuring will be shown if it's a PHP error. Once finished testing, remove the line again from the WHMCS config file.

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I'm going to tear my hair out.


I have downloaded a ftp client. I have ensured the files have been uploaded as binary. I have made the change to php.ini to allow display errors to be set to on. I have restarted the httpd service as well as the server.


Same issue. Don't know what to try as I am simply wanting to demo the software.

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I sympathise. It must be darned frustrating, the more so because WHMCS is probably the most easiest to install web based software I've ever tried. But, it only takes one thing to spoil that. The question is what? Hmmmmm.:|


Did you get a php error showing up when after you followed the debug instructions above? If so could you post it here.


Alternatively, I'd open a ticket here: https://www.whmcs.com/support/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=4 and get some help from WHMCS directly. I'm sure they will soon get to the bottom of this. You can trust them with login details if they ask for them.


Best wishes and please post back here to share the result.

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You know, the files that you're working with on your local computer might be corrupt. It might not be a bad idea to redownload them from the WHMCS Members area. Or, if your license is from your website hosting company, I would ask them to check the zip file that they're providing you.

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