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Invoices sent in wrong language


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For some reason invoices that are sent automatically such as payment received, invoice created etc are in the wrong language.


What should say paid says BETALT.


If I resend an invoice it is sent in english ? If i go to whmcs and view the invoice it is in english but the automated invoice paid and created pdf files are sent in the wrong language ?


Any ideas ?



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Wish I had your install then...seems your invoice is sent in Norwegian, wich I like, but mine are sent in english...I have edited the edit emails, and created a Norwegian email-translation..Active languages are Default and Norwegian..how do I change from default to norwegian?

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My emails are in english it's just the pdf copy of the invoice that is in Norwegian but if the customer views the pdf invoice from the client area it's in english again.


I have only had this issue since updating to 3.8.1 and I notice in the database that most customers languages are not set to anything, this should mean they use the default language(english in my case) but for some reason automated invoices seem to be using Norwegian but only sometimes ?


Think I will have to submit a ticket.

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I just went through some of the clients and some have their language set to default and some to english in both cases their pdf was still in norwegian.


More invoices have just been sent are they are in english, the invoices are sent correctly some days and in norwegian others. I could fix this on a temp basis by overwriting the norwegian language file with english but I do have norwegain customers that wouldn't be impressed by this workaround.


I have submitted a ticket so if you submit one then maybe we can get somewhere. My ticket id is: Ticket ID: 323458

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