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Need some Customization Willing to Pay


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3 Customizations:


1. I need to find out if there is a way to have something created to send a copy of the automated bill first to the owner 1 day prior to sending it to the customer so that the owner can verify all invoices before they send out in bulk. How much would this feature cost?


2. Is there a way on the invoice form to make a default list of products to select from... IE in Quick Books if I want Widget 2 or 3 it will keep a list of those. How much would this type of customization cost? In otherwords I go to the description box, and I start typing something in there or have a drop down to the side with possible choices for a description.


3. The ability to have a qty box and from there it will multiple my box number and give me a final amount

IE QTY: 5, Description: Wine Bottles, Price 10.00, Total: 50.00


I know these will most likely cost money to do, but I need to know how much, and how quickly they can be done. I appreciate your response.




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I can do this.


You can view my latest creation for the website resellerways at



If you like that, You can contact me at



Let me save you some time here Matt.

All 3 of these changes are core changes.They can't be made in the back end with out "hacking" the source which is against the license. This person obviously dosn't understand the legal way that whmcs works. I would also be sus about the 1 post count.

I must admit they could maybe be acheived with some heave js coding, however this is every dfferent to the integration that they have preformed (which does look good).

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