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worldpay authmode > E or A


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Just updated to whmcs 3.8.1 then to 3.8.2 and new orders no longer work correctly through worldpay. the issue seems to be with authmode changing from E to A


I have 2 worldpay installations. In the past all payments with pre-auth went to installation B and all none pre-auth went to installation A


Now I find that all new orders now go to Installation A but futurepay payments still go to B


Hope that makes sense :)


I had previously not set the capture delay in worldpay so that may be the issue. From what I have read worldpay no longer use authmode E ?


Any help would be appreciated.



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Worldpay changed their systems some time ago so that you can set the capture delay via the Worldpay site. This then makes all transactions go pre-auth automatically and then after X days (that you have set) it will automatically release them to full auth.


So, that function is pretty much useless now.


Are you using Invisible?

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No I am not using invisible. The problem I have is that payments are going to the wrong worldpay account ID. Worldpay have told me I need to pass the following info when using authmode A / capture delay or authmode E if capture delay is off:


<input type="hidden" name="accId1" value="myaccnumber">


If I do not send that info then my payments go to the wrong worldpay acc id, I have 2 one for whmcs and one for awbs.

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Matt has sent me 2 new worldpay files with the <input type="hidden" name="accId1" value="myaccnumber"> included so now my payments go to the correct accid.


I have 2 UK installations and 2 accid's.


Here is what worldpay said:


Currently both your merchant codes WPACCxxxxxx46 and WPACCxxxxxx90 are setup with Capture Delay set to 'OFF' i.e. setup for Pre-Auth. Therefore if the accId1 parameter is not passed with the preference then the funds will be automatically directed to the first available account.


If the capture delay on the 2 accounts were different then if you pass authMode=E then it will direct the funds in the pre-auth account and authMode=A into the immediate capture account.



Whmcs currently sends authmode A when using futurepay but uses authmode E when using worldpay invoices. All is working fine now with the new files.



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