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[FIXED] InterWorx Username = Account Nickname (not right)

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Hi guys. I love WHMCS but noticed that the InterWorx API is lacking. I had to google how to use it but once I did it was fine. It should be marked more clearly in WHMCS itself that you don't need a user/pass and that you just need the API key, and the specific reference to CPanel could be changed..


But anyway more importantly WHMCS thinks that the account nickname from InterWorx is the username. The email address that the account was created with is the real username.


This was easy to workaround in the welcome email since I just told the customer that their email address was their username. However, in the client area of WHMCS it still shows the incorrect username unless I manually edit that for each customer. I don't want to have to do that and I don't want customers logging in and seeing the incorrect info or requesting their login and getting incorrect information.


Is there a way for me to fix this on my own (guessing not since everything is encrypted) or another InterWorx API that I can grab and use?


I love InterWorx.. best CP I've used. I've been with CPanel/WHM and Plesk for some time and neither compares.

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Oh one more thing - not so much a bug, but it might be.


The account nicknames which are listed on all new hosting accounts in InterWorx (created through WHMCS) are the first 8 characters of the domain name. I am not sure if your fix will change that, but:


- Upon creation of new accounts from WHMCS, could the nicknames in InterWorx be the First & Last name of the account owner instead?


- Can the current username (the nickname, at least before your fix) be saved and used as a variable for use in the Welcome emails? There is one thing that the nickname has been extremely handy for, and that's the temporary URL in the welcome emails. Or maybe there's already a variable I can use since I'm pretty sure cpanel does the same thing since they use the same format: http://server_ip/~8char


The nickname field is completely optional in InterWorx, but it would help if it was the owners first & last name. Having it as the first 8 characters of the domain name is somewhat useless since the domain name is listed right next to it. However as mentioned above, that 8char nickname is still good for use in the welcome email, inside the temporary URL for new accounts.


I don't know if this is asking too much or if I'm pushing it..



Thanks so much for fixing the original issue so far, btw! I greatly appreciate it!!

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