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unable to make changes


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I have been using WHMCS for the last few months and have been in love with it until this week when it started causing major headaches. This is also open with support via a ticket but as yet after nearly 72 hours no resolution so i thought I would throw it out to the community to see if anyone had any help.


I am unable to make any changes in WHMCS, if i modify a clients contact details I hit save and all the details go blank. I can create a new client enter the contact details the client is created but all details are blank. Now when i try to update or create a ticket i hit save and it says please make an entry??


also when creating annoucements i hit save and it creates an annoucement with no title or body and dated. 00/00/00


I have tried re-uploading all WHMCS files, all permissions seem to be correct, i have checked my DB and it all looks as it should I'm really pulling my hair out as I cannot use anything on the system at the moment.


Any body have any ideas, im willing to try anything at this point to have my system back up and running! (without losing all the data!)

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its a dedicated server and im the only one that manages it so nothing has changed. I have completely re-uploaded all whmcs files once already. would doind a re-install make any difference if im going to use my existing db anyway?


Matt from support has suggested that it is a problem with the PHP $_REQUEST array is only containing one variable from each form post and that isnt including the posted data or action.

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and i worked it out!


I made a slight change to the php max upload values on my .htaccess file however slipped up and put MB instead of M, when i looked at the error logs for the domain picked up on it. All back up and working now. trouble was that it was reading 100MB as 100bytes so trying to post information was failing as it was going over this limit!

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