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Suppress $0 Invoices


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This must be a common problem, but searching the board reveals nothing, not with these words, anyway.


I have a new 3.71 system, and it's generating about 20 $0 invoices a night for the past two nights.


I imported from WHM, and Domain accounts for each domain were created automatically.


First, these accounts are marked Free Accounts, second, a $0 invoice makes no sense that I can fathom.


Some of the invoices are for domain renewal, but I don't have any products in any category like that, and none of the domains was purchased through me.


I guess you could say that you might want to bill a Free Account for a one-off service, and I have seen on the board that, in some countries a 0 invoice is of use and even required for tax reasons, but really, shouldn't the default be to suppress 0 (insert your_currency here) invoices?


I need to suppress all of the domain invoices, and all of the $0 hosting invoices, either through PHPMyAdmin or Access/ODBC...I just need to know the SQL, if there's a query or two that will handle it.





The invoices in question seem to have a due date of 01/12/1999.

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update `tbldomains` set `nextinvoicedate` = "2099-01-01" and update `tbldomains` set `nextduedate` = "2099-01-01" may help.


I am thinking I want to keep those records, in case I start selling domains, and then the renewal process might be easier, and just suppress invoicing for now.

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If a product is set to the free billing cycle it is never invoiced, regardless of due date. It's only domains that are invoiced when at zero price.


This is to invoke the renewal action which only occurs when an invoice for a domain is paid for. Most commonly this is used when a package is offered with a free domain and so the package and domain are invoiced together and when the package/domain invoice is paid, the domain renews. If there's no associated package, it would renew on it's own.



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OK, looking at one client both invoices ARE for domains.


I don't have the situation you are describing, where $0 invoices are a benefit.


Is there a way to suppress $0 invoices, or all domain invoices, or should my queries setting the next invoice date way in the future solve it for now?


I think that both of the first two listed above would be good switches in the back end.


Oh, the attachment is for one of the accounts that is getting domain invoices, just for context.





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