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Domain forwarding


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I just signed up for WHMCS and a looking forward to fully migrating over to it. I use it in conjunction with DirectAdmin.


I do have a small problem though... some of my customers own multiple domains, where several forward to their primary domain that has their hosting account.


Does WHMCS have a method allowing customers to purchase additional domains and have it redirect to another domain? Should it be done in this way:


Customer purchases and additional domain name with DNS Management

Log into DirectAdmin and set a domain pointer for the new domain name


If I have to do the second option, I'll either have to not charge for DNS hosting or tell some of my clients that they have to spend $50 a month for all of their additional domains.


I appreciate your help.

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I think I just answered my own question by looking at my ResellerClub site more closely.


ResellerClub charges for domain forwarding anyway. If a user buys a domain through me via ResellerClub, will my server manage DNS for that domain or will DNS Management take place at ResellerClub?


If my server manages DNS for that domain then the customer can set up domain forwarding without additional fees, which is what I'm looking for.

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While true, would that not require my manual intervension? I was hoping to have some way for the customer to be able to do it themselves.


So long as WHMCS sets up DNS for the secondar/tertiary etc domains in my server's DNS, I can use DirectAdmin's Domain Pointers to handle this without any problems. So far I haven't been able to test this.


I don't know if WHMCS has to use DirectAdmin's "Add another domain" tool to make this work. I'm still doing research.

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Well, I figured it out. Found I had a domain existing that I could safely modify as an experiment.


After purchasing a domain, it does not need to have DNS managed on the DirectAdmin console. After buying the domain the user logs into DirectAdmin and sets up a Domain Pointer from the new domain to the hosted domain. DirectAdmin will then set up managed DNS hosting and forward it to the hosted domain.


BTW, if anyone else is sees this in the future, this process bypasses the "add another domain" tool in DirectAdmin. Adding another domain seems to be a method for creating another "account" for the same DirectAdmin username.


Simple process, for which I am very glad, but I'll still have to document it for my customers :)

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