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One Time Setup Fee

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Hey there,

Sorry if I missed this in the forum somewhere.


Is it possible to setup a one time setup fee and a recurring monthly fee when adding a Product? When I fill in the setup fee in the One Time section and the monthly fee in the Recurring section and hit save, the One Time setup fee is erased. I don't want to charge a recurring monthly fee or a one time monthly fee, either.




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For a setup fee associated with recurring payment plans, only use the setup fee box under Customers will be billed regularly for this item.


I know it's a bit confusing, but think about it this way: if you put a setup fee above the monthly recurring cost, then that is the setup fee that applies to monthly plans. If you put the setup fee above the quarterly payment, then it is the setup fee charged for quarterly plans.


If you offer several plans (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc) then you can, for instance, have a setup fee for the monthly plan but not the quarterly and yearly. Or you can fill in all the boxes so that each plan has a setup fee. Just remember that while the plan has a recurring payment, it never has a recurring setup fee.

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