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[RESOLVED] Manual Invoice Payment Gateway Options

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I use WHMCS for creating manual invoices for EG Design work as well as hosting. For this reason I use 'Mail In' and 'Bank Transfer' options for established accounts. IE If I manually create an invoice for some design work, I select 'Mail In' option and allow customer to send cheque or change their option to 'Paypal' or 'Bank Transfer'.


However, If a new customer signs up for hosting and domains I would like to offer a live gateway option *ONLY* EG 'Paypal'.


If I select 'Hide on order form' option for 'Mail In' and 'Bank Transfer' I loose the option to allow established customers to pay their invoices by any other method other than 'Paypal'. In fact, the 'Paypal' option is there when they go to pay their invoice but there is no link to 'Paypal'.


Is this a bug?


I'm using: 3.6.1 and mainly Safari.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm not looking for individual customers payment options just the following:


1) All hosting products - Paypal Only (There are options under Products & Service to select which Payment Gateway to use 'Available Payment Gateways')


2) Everything Else - Any gateway available


It makes sense to do things this way as:


My thoughts are that you generally wouldn't purchase and register new domains for unknown clients before receiving payment so why be forced to give the option to pay by cheque?


Any thoughts?

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OK, thanks for your info.


It's not ideal as I need to offer Cheque or Bank transfer options to all clients except new customers.


I'll just have to keep transfers / registrations / hosting a manual process incase people try to register a domain with a cheque :)


Not a biggie.


Thanks again.

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If I get the drift of what you're saying it's similar to the situation we have. We want people to sing up on the net and pay via worldpay, however, some customers want to pay by bank transfer, many of those accounts we setup manually and we have some previous customers using paypal. What we did is:


1. Enabled all the payment methods we wanted

2. Edited the tpl form only to only show worldpay


So, while a new customer online only has a choice of worldpay, we can select any payment method we want if we are manually creating the order/invoice.


Hope it helps



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