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How Do I send new registration info to clients?

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I run a free hosting site. I just set up my WHMCS and manually added80 clients from my WHM server. Just names and emails. How to I send them all new passwords and information to sign in to the new client area and new cpanel information? I had them all on the FREE Hosting Manger before and I dont have any of there password information. Can some one please tell me how to do this?


Also when I suspend a test account it doesnt send me email that the account was suspended? Can some one Please help?



Thank You

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Thanks When I go to the emails section in each client I added, there is no emails listed . Thats what I wanted to know after I manually put their names and emails from the old host manager how do I generate this new information for the clients to send?



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I recently installed WHMCS and I am a newbie with WHMCS. I apologize if there may be some answers somewhere but I did search for the questions I have.


I would like to ask: all of you check checkbox for DNS management and EEP code? I am not sure what they are? I tried to search to find out what EEP code is and not sure if it is necessary in order to be able to register domains. Also, supposedly when domains are registered automatically in WHMCS at ENOM, Enom will have nameservers automatically set up for the individual customers perhaps with n1.enom.com or something else? Just wanted to know before I check the checkbox and if I need to change nameservers manually at enom.


Last question (unrelated to topic) - I place whmcs files in the public_html - is it ok? Because I saw the template on test website and the layout is sort of without styles and images. I guess, I have to specify the image path in order to show on test website? If so, where?


thank you for your time.

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