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File Upload field on order placement

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There is an alternative.


You could add the brief template as a downloadable file for that product & make it clients only.(and of course add it to that product)


Create a custom welcome email, which give them instructions for filling in the brief, along with another link to downloading the brief template, as well as what to do when they have it ready to upload.


make that custom email the one that goes out on ordering of that product


Next, allow the different file type that you might receive, to be uploaded by customers. Eg, if you give them a word doc, expect to get it back the same. (If you give them a PDF, though, you're buggered) :)


Finally, create a custom support department, which you also include a link to in the welcome email. As you know, support tickets have a built in upload file field ready to go.


I know it sound a little convoluted, but its really very simple from the customer end; they order, they get the welcome email, with the link to the brief, and a link to location to upload. You get an order confirmation, and some time later an 'design brief support ticket'


Or you could just create an action hook to an online survey-type questionaire which steps them through the brief.


happy to collaorate further with a PM



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Hi Zorro,


Good idea. I understand where you are coming from. Can you limit a support department based on a product? Not all clients will need to see all support departments. It would be great to be able to restrict them based on what they have purchased.





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go to configration--> support depts--> select the one you want.


You can restrict that dept to clients only.

there is also a hidden field, but i haven't tried that.

My guess is that the last box is for admins only, but i could be wrong.


Not sure that you can restrict that to custom clients.


But you if your brief isn't to big, you could also insert custom fields into that support dept to capture a lot of the extra info that you want.


We do something similar, but might be handy to compare notes (as long as you aren't selling into the Melourne market ;) )

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