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Is there a way to have the domain transfer/registration be the last step?


What i want to do is offer links to the product directly where they can see the description (without having to scroll through the other products) and at that time, if they decide to continue, enter the last step of adding the domain info (last step before checkout)

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Lynette, your tip obviously takes the client direct to the product. However, I get where HW is going on the second part of his question.


If the product/service contains a domain option, then he is first taken to the 3 (or 4) DN jscript lookup option, then goes through a couple of screen sbefore he gets to the product details.


If I understand HW correctly he would like to go to the product page first (with product description, config options &/or addons) and then to the DN lookup before arriving at the cart.


from a customer perspective, this is a good way to get the customer 'into the buying mood'.


I'm unsure if the order is choosen in tpl files or php. If the latter, my guess is no go, but i migth have a look myself

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Yes, zorro, that is what I am looking to do.. I could create pages for each product.. but it seems they should be able to view the product description.. before having to add in the domain info.. especially if one has a lot of plans..


The only other way I could see doing it would be putting each plan in its own hidden category.. then the direct link would only show that product.. but then navigation would not be 100% (if they visit the shown hosting packages for example.. they would be right back to having to add in the domain stuff first)

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Loking at the steps (assuming u r usin cat)


1. configureproductdomain.tpl looks at domains for products

2. configureproduct.tpl is responsible for configuring the product.


It would appear that some values from 1 are required in 2 to be able to progress properly.


So thats not going to easily change. However, if I could put the product package decription between the cartheading and the cartsubheading, at least people would know they are on the right page.


so i drop in the {$productinfo} description code from 2 into 1, but nil showing.


So neither is easy!

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yes one could do that.. but would complicate browsing.. as you would need to put products in 2 categories.. ie web hosting.. the in another just for that plan.. which would suddenly take my products from 3 groups to 15.. then I would have to remove the default nav bar for cats in the cart pages.. but really looks like my only option as I too could not get product to display

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So short answer to solving the question is "how do you get the product description to show on the domain reg page" - first page of cart order process - as it does on 3rd (4th?) page (add-ons page)?"


Tried the product info text above, but it no work.


So why is that variable not avaiable on that page, but it is on the page before, and a couple of pages afterwards?


Anyone care to suggest an answer?

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