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Add a user after account is already created?


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Hi there, I am new to WHMCS and I already have several accounts on my reseller account (whm/cpanel), I have most of it configured as I think it should be, but I cannot find a way to add users that already have a site configured on my server?


Can I get any help?


I'd like to have user A signup for my standard hosting package, pay and then link it to his website thats already active..





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Is this in the wrong area? Surely this is something that been asked before?


I have been searching the forum, manual, google etc.. and cant find anything and when I try to do it myself, it wants to create and account thats already there. Is this the right way to do it? Just let it fail on account creation or what, I have to assume I'm just not looking in the correct place as I'd expect that I'm not the only person to ever ask this question.


Any direction would be MOST appreciated, thanks.

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We had to do this when we first installed WHMCS. The procedure we used was a little lengthy but was something to the effect of:


First, add a new client in WHMCS ( Admin website --> Clients | Add New Client)


Next, Go to Orders | Place New Order.


Select your new client and check both "Don't Send Order Confirmation Email" and "Don't Generate Invoice", click Continue, and create the order.


The order should be created and put into a pending state (depend on your config). Go to the pending order and uncheck the options (if present):


  • Send to Registrar
  • Send Confirmation Email
  • Create Account
  • Send Welcome Email

If it is a hosting account, set the server, username, and password (if known). Then click Accept Order and you should get a "The order has now been successfully activated" message.


Then we went into Clients, selected the client and went to Products/Services. There we adjusted the payment and billing cycle info to match up with our client's next due date. Make sure to "Save Changes". Adjustments were also made to the domain dates, payment, and billing cycle.


It took a while but we initially only had 15 clients to move. Someone else may have a better/automated way.

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