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Possible to edit email templates "offline"?


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Is there a way I can edit my email templates offline (like editing the client area/portal templates)? I know that the online editor's available; but I feel a bit more comfortable being able to fire up my text editor and noodle around to my heart's content (and also, where relevant, do search-and-replace).

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You could just copy and paste it from WHMCS into an editor, do your stuff and copy and paste it back in...


That's usually what i do when i'm doing a mass email template change, that way i can change it all in one shot instead of some being new and some being older layouts.

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Hi nielsenj,


Thanks for your suggestion. I could do that...but that's a lot of prepwork and separate clicks I was hoping to avoid. I was hoping to get a pointer as to which file to edit. I've looked through the admin folders, but wasn't able to spot anything that immediately looked like it would be the email templates.

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Email templates are actually stored in the database so there is no file to find.


If your comfortable with SQL you could edit them offline and do a mass insert.


A quicker method i use (rather than going through WHMCS) is to edit them directly in phpMyAdmin, fewer clicks.


PS: The table your looking for in the database is "tblemailtemplates"

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Stellar - thanks! I can get into PhpMyAdmin no worries. I didn't even think to look in the database itself. (It's been One of Those Weeks. Had the initial problems getting the merchant account to work, have an all-day meeting Friday, transmission decided to start dying, cat was acting oddly...bleargh. I've been doing the Headless Chicken Dance.)


Thanks for the information!

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