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Created a IPB loginshare.. just only one issue


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So i've created a loginshare for WHMCS and Invision Power Board (IPB).


Basically it polls the WHMCS database for the email and password, if it exists it checks it's local database and adds the user if that email does not exist.


- Just FYI, it's required that it is added to IPB for proper functionality.


Once the user logs in it asks them for a display name to use and they're all set.


Here's the problem, if a user updates their email in WHMCS IPB will think it needs a new account unless:


1: Admins manually update login details every time the email changes

2: Email changing is disabled in WHMCS (Prefered to above, but still not ideal)

3. I can update IPB automatically with the new email (Prefered)


With #3 i have no idea where to or how to hook into WHMCS, there's no actionhook for client details update (or so that i can see) and i'm not sure how i can hook into the template to process a PHP (SQL query) if the email has changed.


Any help would be appreciated with the above.




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At minimum for any successful member sync if you are doing auth via email and password you need at least these hooks:








I know that IPB supports this but don't believe that WHMCS has this functionality currently?

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I'm not sure what you're refering to... those are built in IPB functions are they not?


The share validates the user against the WHMCS clientbase for their login and password. It also directs the user to WHMCS if they want to change relevant login details such as password or the username.


The above mentioned are apart of IPB's login configurations, essentially creating a loginshare, not so much a synchronization.


Since it's not a sync, IPB doesn't keep track of changed user emails so it would need to be updated if a client changed their email in WHMCS. Otherwise, IPB thinks it's a new user


Basically i'm trying to find a place in WHMCS that i can initiate an SQL query to update the email in IPB upon a sucessful email change in WHCMS so the client's IPB login details stay the same as their WHMCS login details.

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I'm not sure what you're refering to... those are built in IPB functions are they not?


Yes I know what you are talking about (I've written an IPB WHMCS external auth module also). IPB has both the "Login Authentication Manager" - for authenticating against external sources... and the "Member Sync" module (in modules/ipb_member_sync.php).. for syncing member details across multiple databases.


Idealy - if you created a WHMCS External Authentication module .. then used the methods located in ipb_member_sync.php you could make changes in IPB (editing emails , resetting passwords, etc) .. and it would sync member details with WHMCS ...


Now the only thing missing is a WHMCS member_sync module .. then you could make changes to emails , passwords etc in WHMCS and you could sync everything back with IPB ..


That way you wouldn't have to disable anything.. and have two way sync.

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Ohh, i see what you mean now.


Yeah, the plan was never to allow people to change items in IPB as i've always found it nicer to have only one area to modify details. Since WHMCS is essentially creating the IPB login, support login as well as a few other areas i thought it would be the best area to initiate changes from.


I'm experimenting with a pass-through file to execute php code on user detail changes.


It should work, i just have to duplicate all of the validation code WHMCS uses to validate the changed data before it allows any code to be executed.


I'll let you know how it turns out, it's a little more run around than i'd like, but it may solve the issue.

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